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25% of KSC students participated in student hourly or work study employment last year.

Students in a golf cart during Orientation

Student Employment

All students enrolled full time at KSC are eligible to work on campus, either under the Federal Work Study Program or under KSC’s Student Hourly Program. The Federal Work Study Program is financed by both federal and institutional funds. Please remember that even if you are eligible for work study you are not guaranteed a job on campus. We post a list of currently available employment opportunities, but there is a limited number of positions available. Also remember that if you do receive a work-study job, you will receive a check for your wages, and it’s your responsibility to apply that money towards your academic expenses. The College does not automatically apply your wages towards your tuition or any other KSC fees.

Current On-Campus Employment

The following on-campus positions are available to students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) or Student Hourly (SH), as indicated in the FWS/SH column. Eligibility for FWS is reflected in your financial aid package. Students who are not eligible for FWS are likely eligible to participate in our Student Hourly employment program. Note the information above regarding the availability of positions and your responsibility for your wages.

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Position FWS SH Hours Available
SPDI Lab Technician A and B
Research Assistance
Sustainable Product Design and Innovation
10 8
Group Fitness Instructor I
Recreational Sports
6 5
Student Center Leadership Assistant
Student Involvement
20 1
Summer-Fitness Monitor
Recreational Sports
25 3
Desk Attendant (Parking Services - Enforecement…
Campus Safety
15 2

If you are considering a position that is exclusive to FWS eligible students, please verify that a FWS award was included in your financial aid package before applying.