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Inclement Weather Policy

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During the academic year, Keene State College maintains regular operations under most weather conditions. Individuals are always asked to make responsible decisions about their personal safety. Faculty members may cancel individual classes; commuting students and staff members may decide not to undertake the commute to campus.

In the event of extraordinary conditions, the President will declare curtailed operations. Essential personnel may be required to provide necessary services and facilities; these include personnel in the dining commons, student center, library, Spaulding gym, network services, Campus Safety, physical plant, and custodial services. Categories of essential personnel are determined by the Principal Administrators based on the nature of the emergency; supervisors in designated areas will determine which individuals will report to work. Only essential personnel designated by supervisors should report to work.

This policy has been established to allow the College to carry out its academic mission effectively.


Regular operations means that classes and events continue as scheduled.

Curtailed operations means that all classes are cancelled and nonessential administrative offices are closed.

Essential personnel are drawn from administration, residential life, campus safety, and physical plant and are determined by the area principal administrator.

Staff absences due to weather concerns during regular operations:

If an employee makes the decision not to come to work during normal operations because of weather-related concerns, he or she must use earned time or vacation leave to cover that absence or take the time off without pay. The staff member must communicate the decision to his or her supervisor. If the College moves to curtailed operations later in the day, the benefited staff members will be required only to use earned time or vacation time to cover the period of missed work up to the effective start of curtailed operations, and the remaining “scheduled work hours” will receive regular pay.

Staff not required to work during curtailed operations

Benefited staff not required to report to work in a weather emergency will be paid for regularly scheduled hours; however, those hours will not count as actual hours worked for the calculation of overtime.

Complementary staff will not be paid for curtailed hours but are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor if opportunities are available to allow for make up of missed time.

Staff required to work during curtailed operations

Essential personnel will receive pay as appropriate for all hours worked, subject to all normal compensation policies, including overtime. In addition, they will receive compensatory time equal to the hours worked during curtailed operations. Staff receiving compensatory time should use it within the next pay period whenever possible. Unused “comp time” must be paid out to the employee no later than June 30 of each year. Supervisors of staff receiving compensatory time are responsible of insuring employees use the “comp time” as soon as possible, for tracking any unused time, and facilitating the cash-out of comp time prior to the end of the fiscal year. Staff in 24/7 coverage departments who are unable to utilize compensatory time are allowed to “cash out” the value of the compensatory time and must do so when reporting the time for the pay period in which curtailed operations was announced and the time earned.

Announcement of Curtailed Operations

In the event of extraordinary weather conditions (or other emergency), the President will declare curtailed operations for Keene State College. In that case, the College will close regular operations and essential personnel from the staff will provide necessary services. Decisions on curtailed operations will be made by 6 a.m. for morning closings and by 2 p.m. for evening closings. The decision will be communicated in the following ways: voice mail to all campus phones; e-mail; announcement, broadcast e-mail, and news item on MyKSC; and announcement on the home page at In addition, area television and radio stations will be notified and asked to broadcast or post the information.

Announcement of Cancelled Classes During Regular Operations

Faculty should consult the Faculty Handbook for procedures for announcing class cancellations during regular operations.

Student Absences Due to Severe Weather During Regular Operations

Students should check their course syllabi for specific instructions about notifying faculty members. The Attendance Policy in the KSC Catalog permits excused absences for adverse weather conditions.

This policy was established in November of 2006 to allow the College to carry out its academic mission effectively.

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