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Tutoring in action

Tutoring at the Math Center is a free, drop-in service staffed by students. Whether you have several questions or just want to sit and do your homework, tutors are available to help. Come early in the semester and return often.

Our tutors are mostly math majors who intend to become teachers. To become a tutor, they must have at least a 3.0 GPA in their math courses, be recommended by a faculty member, and interview with the Director of the Math Center. Tutors are able to help students with 100-level math courses, as well as math content found in non-math courses.

The role of the tutor is to:
  • Provide a comfortable and patient atmosphere.
  • Answer questions you have about the concepts taught during class.
  • Help you read and understand your textbook and notes.
  • Help you prepare for quizzes and exams in advance.
To make your tutoring session productive:
  • Try your homework or study for your quiz or test before coming to the Center.
  • Highlight any questions you have.
  • Bring your class notes, handouts, and textbook with you.
  • Ask the tutor specific questions.
  • Reduce stress, do not wait until the last minute to come in for help.

Ready to Work with a Tutor?

Need Help with the Math portion of the Praxis Core Exam or the Praxis Subject Assessment Mathematics Subtest?

Math peer tutors are available to work with students on sample problems similar to the exam. Students who are interested in working with a tutor can either stop by the Math Center during drop-in hours or request a one-on-one tutor. In addition, mock math Praxis exams will be offered multiple times throughout the semester for students who would like to simulate the testing environment. The mock exams contain examples of content students are likely to see on the actual exams.

Math Center Staff

Match Center Staff

Eileen Phillips
Director of the Math Center

Barbara Yardley
Administrative Assistant

Allysha Hunter
Math Center Testing Coordinator

Jeff Graham
Professional Statistics Tutor

Contact us or drop by the Math Center at 88 Winchester Street for more information.

Praxis Math Help

Need help with the Math portion of the Praxis Core Exam or Praxis Subject Assessment Mathematics Subtest?

Register for the Mock Math Praxis Exams

Submit a request to work with a math peer tutor.