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MATH 171 Proficiency Exam

Successful completion of this exam is required before registering for Math 171 - Structure of Number Systems. The exam is a six part diagnostic test of your math knowledge and skills.

PLEASE NOTE: MATH 071 Elementary Education Math Preparation is no longer offered at Keene State College. Therefore, the outcomes of the Math 171 Proficiency Exam have changed, effective August 28, 2017. The new outcomes are explained in the sample provided in the following PDF file:

For additional review, study packets are available as PDF files by clicking on any of the test areas below. Peer tutors are also available to help you at the Math Center.

Math Center Staff

Match Center Staff

Eileen Phillips
Director of the Math Center

Barbara Yardley
Administrative Assistant

Allysha Hunter
Math Center Testing Coordinator

Jeff Graham
Professional Statistics Tutor

To leave a phone message for Allysha or Jeff, please call Barbara at 603-358-2023.

Contact us or drop by the Math Center at 88 Winchester Street for more information.

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