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The Math Center provides proficiency and assessment testing for several majors. Additionally, students who miss an exam or quiz during a math class may be asked by the instructor to take the make-up at the Math Center.

Ready to Make a Testing Appointment?

To reserve a seat for testing, please view the testing schedule then email Lisha Hunter at

Please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The date and time of the exam you would like to attend
  • Specify what exam/quiz you need to take

Sample exam questions are included in the links below.

* MATH 171 Proficiency Exam

Successful completion of this exam is required before taking MATH 171 - Structure of Number Systems

* Mathematics Assessment for Chemistry and Physics

As a student in INCHEM 111 - General Chemistry or INPHYS 141 - College Physics, you will be required to take a mathematics assessment exam to evaluate your math skills.

* Math Assessment Exam for Management Majors and Minors

Successful completion of this exam is required before registering for MGT 140 - Quantitative Decision Making, unless a student has passed IQL 101 or a qualified mathematics course.

* Nursing Basic Math Exam

Successful completion of this exam is required of all nursing majors in their first year at Keene State College, including transfer students.

Math Center Staff

Match Center Staff

Eileen Phillips
Director of the Math Center

Barbara Yardley
Administrative Assistant

Allysha Hunter
Math Center Testing Coordinator

Jeff Graham
Professional Statistics Tutor

Contact us or drop by the Math Center at 88 Winchester Street for more information.

Praxis Math Help

Need help with the Math portion of the Praxis Core Exam or Praxis Subject Assessment Mathematics Subtest?

Register for the Mock Math Praxis Exams

Submit a request to work with a math peer tutor.