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Adjunct Faculty Development Grants

General Information

Through the collective bargaining agreement between the KSCAA adjunct faculty union at Keene State College and the University System of New Hampshire, the college offers $15,000 in grant awards for eligible off-campus adjunct faculty professional development activities (Article 14.H). For adjunct faculty with 5 to 20 semesters of service completed, the maximum award amount is $1,500. Adjunct faculty members who have completed twenty (20) semesters of teaching at KSC will receive matching funds from the College when their total budget exceeds the maximum award ($1,500). Upon successful application, awards made to these senior adjuncts will automatically be funded in equal parts from the two sources, up to a maximum of $3,000 per award (total from both sources).

Committee Membership

Three members of the KSCAA and a faculty or staff member designated by the Provost serve on the award review committee and and will also make policy recommendations regarding the fund. The office of the Assistant Vice-President for Academic Engagement and Director of Mason Library facilitates communication and award fund management.

The voting member for 2022-2023 are:

Eligible Applicants & Eligible Activities

Eligible Applicants

  • All adjunct faculty members with 5 or more semesters of service are eligible to apply.
  • Adjunct faculty with 5-19 semesters of service may apply for up to $1,500.
  • Eligible adjunct faculty are welcome to apply for Adjunct Professional Development funds at any time. Typically faculty may only receive one award per academic year. Faculty applying for their first award in the academic year receive priority over a colleague applying for a second time.
  • Awarded funds typically should be spent and accounted for within the academic year of the award. Pat Wright (Mason Library Administrative Assistant) facilitates reimbursements which must be processed by mid-June (check with Ms. Wright for details). Please check in advance with Dr. Rabinowitz about applications for funds that would be used during the summer months.

Eligible Activities

  • Activities that will directly impact the faculty member’s KSC courses, their content, pedagogy, or assessment including attendance at conferences, lectures, workshops or other training opportunities, or travel to engage in scholarly activities.
  • Professional development activities that are clearly connected to classes taught or collaboration undertaken on the campus of KSC.
  • Projects to redesign a specific course are not eligible for Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Grant funds.
  • All activities must take place after the date of the award. Applications for retroactive activities cannot be accepted.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Grant proposals for off-campus projects should be submitted using the Adjunct Faculty Grant Application Form. To assist faculty in their proposal preparation, a copy of the Adjunct Faculty Development Grant Proposal Review Form is available for review. This document is used by the Committee to review each proposal submitted.

Please note: All compliance requirements (i.e. IRB approval, IACUC approval and compliance training) that might be related to the proposal need not be complete by the submission of the proposal, but must be complete prior to the receipt of any grant award.

Please download the form to your computer before completing the application. If you have difficulty accessing the form, please contact Pat Wright. Proposals will be reviewed throughout the academic year on a rolling submission basis. For proposals submitted during the academic year, faculty will receive a response to their application typically within 7-10 days of submission. For proposals submitted during breaks and the summer (for the following academic year), adjunct faculty should allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for Committee response.

Applications must be submitted electronically to Dr. Celia Rabinowitz ( She will distribute them to the review committee.

Proposals including Travel

  • Faculty are encouraged to check the Purchasing Office’s Travel website for current information on mileage rates and travel regulations.
  • Use any reputable pricing site for airfare. Please attach a flight schedule with prices to your application. It is noted that prices may fluctuate.

Post-Award Requirements & Administration

  • All equipment and supplies purchased with Adjunct Faculty Development Funds become the property of the College and must relate directly to and/or be consumed by the project.
  • Once awards have been granted, faculty will receive a letter from Ms. Pat Wright with instructions for processing payments and reimbursements.
  • Projects must be completed and funds expended and accounted for within the academic year they are awarded (requests for reimbursements must be submitted by mid-June).
  • Grant recipients are encouraged to disseminate the results of the project to the campus community.
  • The final report form must be completed and submitted to Dr. Celia Rabinowitz ( within 60 days of the activity. No future grants will be awarded if the final report is not submitted.

For additional information contact Pat Wright, Academic Engagement & Mason Library (603-358-2723)

Contact the Learning & Teaching Collaborative

Pat Wright
Mason Library Administrative Assistant
Office: LIB 116
Phone: 603.358.2723
Mail Stop: 3201