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Guidelines for Official Recognition of a Society

Any group wishing to have an Honor Society recognized will submit the following information to the Provost’s Office:

  • Written letter of notification
  • The Society’s charter or The Society’s constitution
  • The link to the National Chapter
  • Criteria for recognition by the National Organization
  • The names of the advisor[s]
  • The names of the officers
  • A membership list
  • A brief description of the Honor Society
  • Criteria for eligibility

After receiving this the Provost Office will notify the following offices that the Honor Society is officially recognized by the College: the Dean or Director’s Office, the Student Involvement Office, the Registrar’s Office, the Chair of the Department, and Marketing and Communications.

For Information About Academic Engagement

Celia Rabinowitz
Asst VP for Academic Engagement and Director of Mason Library

Patrice Wright
Senior Administrative Assistant