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Honor Society Funding

The purpose of funding is to promote an intellectual environment in which students extend the reach of their academic experiences.

There must be an academic component for any activity or event to be funded. Individual or society projects that are funded must be related to the discipline. The proposal may be from an individual honor society, from the Council of Academic Honor Societies, or may be a joint proposal from two or more honor societies.

*If travel of more than five miles from campus will occur, the funding will be dependent on all travel policies being adhered to including final approval from the Academic Travel Approver, Kim Schmidl-Gagne.

Criteria for requesting enrichment funding:

  1. Identify the organization name and contact person.
  2. Identify how the activity and event promotes academic excellence and relates to the mission of the honor society.
  3. Identify the objectives of the activity or event.
  4. Identify how students will benefit from participating in the activity or event.
  5. Be sure the proposal is signed by an advisor and the president of the honor society making the request.
  6. Submit a complete itemized budget.

Email your proposal to Kim Schmidl-Gagne. Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

For Information About Academic Engagement

Celia Rabinowitz
Asst VP for Academic Engagement and Director of Mason Library

Patrice Wright
Senior Administrative Assistant