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Poster at the Academic Excellence Conference


Abstract Guidelines

The abstract you submit to the Academic Excellence Celebration selection committee is the most important part of your proposal. The form that your abstract takes will depend upon the nature of your project and the accepted standards of your discipline, so you must review your abstract with the faculty member acting as your project mentor and receive his/her approval before submitting. Abstract Writing Resource

In general, your abstract should:

  • Describe your project in detail, including objectives, context, results, conclusions, and methodology as applicable.
  • Avoid unnecessary jargon, so that it can be understood by both a disciplinary expert and a reasonably informed non-specialist.
  • Be thoroughly reviewed and revised in consultation with your mentor. Remember, this a formal piece of writing which will, if accepted, be published in the AEC program.
  • Not exceed 150 words.

For group presentations, participants should submit only one proposal.

Abstracts are due on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Selection Criteria

The AEC Selection Committee will be using the following criteria to evaluate your proposal:

  • The title of the presentation is descriptive.
  • The objectives, goals, and/or purpose of the project are clear and coherent.
  • The project is presentable to a college-wide audience and avoids unnecessary use of jargon.
  • The abstract is consistent with principles and methodology of the discipline.
  • The abstract contains no typographical or spelling errors and follows the standard usage of grammar and punctuation.
  • The abstract meets the 150 word limit.

All abstract submissions must be approved by the mentor.

Acceptance Notification Status

Upon review of your abstract the Selection Committee will make one of the following recommendations:

Accepted: Congratulations! Your abstract has been accepted for presentation at the Keene State College Academic Excellence Celebration. Please work with your faculty/staff mentor to prepare for the conference.

Denied: The AEC Committee regrets to inform you that your proposal was not accepted. The committee will offer a brief explanation of its decision. You may resubmit your proposal for our Second Chance AEC Deadline after making substantial revision. Second chance abstracts will be due on Monday, March 11, 2024.

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