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While Hitler was raising an army, he was also raising the hopes of Oswald Mosley, England’s own Fascist leader. As a young army officer in the First World War, Mosely discovered a camaraderie among working men that would inspire him to enter politics - not a characteristic reflected in his loyalties. Mosley would stand for the right, stand for the left, and then for the extreme right forming the British Union of Fascists. This powerful tale tells of one man’s ruthless rise to power, dispassionately fighting the nation’s leaders while reserving his passion for sleeping with their wives. His charm seduced many, and those not easily seduced soon found themselves persuaded by the violent actions of his Blackshirt army. This is the rise and fall of a man who would govern, a man who would rule, a man who brought a nation to its feet not to its knees… 4 parts Part I: Young Man in a Hurry (1918-1920) Part II: Rules of the Game (1924-1927) Part III: Breaking the Mold (1929-1933) Part IV: Beyond the pale (1933-1940) 240 total minutes. Color. 1997.


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