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Bear Witness

Fourteen people who live in one small community on the Virginia Peninsula witnessed first hand the greatest atrocity in world history, the Nazi Holocaust of European Jews. Jewish Survivors who lived in the concentration camps and Nazi occupied territories join American soldiers who liberated those camps to bear witness to Adolf Hitler’s murderous rampage. In To Bear Witness/A Living Testimonial of the Holocaust, Writer/Director Eric Allan Futterman unfolds the story of how, on a day to day basis, Hitler and his Nazi regime built a wall around the lives of German and European Jews, whittling away their rights, one by one, until they had none. In this highly educational documentary, Futterman goes beyond the breathtaking stories of fear and survival and asks how this could happen in what at the time was deemed a highly civilized and educated society. This beautifully photographed documentary is also broken up in parts, making it ideal for teachers and professors from middle school to college to impart well researched and first hand historical information to their students. For students of history this documentary creates valuable testimony from eyewitnesses to the world’s most significant conflict. VHS.


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