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Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Syrian boy plays the violin at refugee encampment, Edirne, Turkey, September 2015

The Architecture Of Doom

This film captures the inner working of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. It shows everything from the Nazi party rallies to the last days in Hitler’s bunker. The first 30-40 minutes works particularly well because it ties together Hitler’s asthetic vision (including his personal design of Nazi standards, uniforms, flags, etc.) and the Nazi conception of the beautiful body politic (in the form of eugenics). This film covers all topics from the banning of modern artists like Picasso to the extermination of Jews. A penetrating analysis of Nazi ideology which extends beyond the scope of ordinary politics. It claims that the underlying motivation was an extreme aesthetic aspiration to return beauty to the world - to counteract the miscegenation and degeneration that defiled it - through sheer violence. (HS+). (119 min)

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