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Academic Program Contacts

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American Studies 603-358-2688
Art and Design
Arts, Education, and Humanities 603-358-2772
Communication and Philosophy
Computer Science
Economics 603-358-2503
Education 603-358-2301
English 603-358-2688
Environmental Studies
Geography, Outdoor Recreation, and Planning
History 603-358-2688
Holocaust and Genocide Studies 603-358-2490
Human Performance and Movement Sciences 603-358-2854
Journalism, Multimedia, and Public Relations
Management 603-358-2023
Mason Library 603-358-2723
Mathematics 603-358-2023
Modern Languages and Cultures 603-358-2688
Music 603-358-2177
Nursing 603-358-2301
Political Science 603-358-2503
Psychology 603-358-2503
Public Health 603-358-2854
Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences 603-358-2975
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice 603-358-2503
Sustainable Product Design and Architecture 603-358-2975
Theatre and Dance 603-358-2177
Women's and Gender Studies 603-358-2688