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A major winter storm is scheduled to hit Keene on Saturday and Sunday. The College is planning to open to receive students and families on schedule on Sunday and Monday. No classes are scheduled for Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We encourage you to delay travel...

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Department Chairs

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American Studies 603-358-2980
Art 603-358-2139
Arts, Education, and Culture
Biology 603-358-2527
Chemistry 603-358-2560
Communication and Philosophy 603-358-2388
Computer Science 603-358-2599
Economics 603-358-2686
Education 603-358-2012
Environmental Studies 603-358-2974
Film 603-358-2015
Geography, Outdoor Recreation, and Planning 603-358-2197
History 603-358-2960
Holocaust and Genocide Studies 603-358-2011
Human Performance and Movement Sciences 603-358-2808
Journalism, Multimedia, and Public Relations 603-358-2020
Management 603-358-2623
Mason Library 603-358-2749
Mathematics 603-358-2505
Modern Languages and Cultures 603-358-2927
Music 603-358-2327
Nursing 603-358-2588
Physics 603-358-2787
Political Science 603-358-2686
Psychology 603-358-2152
Public Health 603-358-2423
Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences 603-358-2943
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice 603-358-2331
Sustainable Product Design and Architecture 603-358-2056
Theatre and Dance 603-358-2199
Women's and Gender Studies 603-358-2502