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Educator Preparation Advisory Committee

The Educator Preparation Advisory Committee was established in 2018 and is represented by a wide range of stakeholders and partners, including educators and administrators from schools in our region, and Keene State College faculty and staff. The purpose of the EPAC is to provide feedback about issues, policies, and practices that impact KSC Educator Preparation programs. Emphasis is on collaboration and exploration of ways in which KSC can continue to cultivate partnerships with schools in the Monadnock region. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that positively impact the preparation of teachers, school leaders, and most importantly, Birth to Grade 12 students.

Additionally, the EPAC provides guidance related to EPP clinical practice including innovative models for supporting candidates in the field, evaluation of candidates, follow up on KSC Educator Preparation graduates, partnership development, policy changes, and other curriculum and instruction issues. Insights inform improvements to our curriculum so that our EPP programs can maintain a high-level connection to issues and initiatives in B-12 schools.

Keene State College Educator Preparation Program Advisory Committee (EPAC) Members AY 21-22:

Keene State College Faculty/Staff Representatives

  • Tanya Sturtz, Associate Dean, School of Arts, Education & Humanities, Educator Preparation Leadership
  • Steve Bigaj, Graduate Education Coordinator
  • Darrell Hucks, Chair, Education Department
  • Kate O’Connor, Associate Director, Educator Preparation Office

School and Community Partners

  • Reuben Duncan, Superintendent, SAU 47
  • Ben White, Assistant Superintendent, SAU 29
  • Jeremy Rathbun, Director of Curriculum, SAU 93
  • Joe Boggio, Principal, Hinsdale Elementary School, SAU 92
  • Deanna Zilske, Principal, Keene Middle School, SAU 29
  • Lori Stevens, Principal, Emerson Elementary School, SAU 93
  • Nikki Crank, Elementary Teacher, Symonds Elementary School, SAU 29
  • Heather Dean, Elementary Teacher, Rindge Memorial School, SAU 47
  • Kate Abbott, Elementary Teacher, Franklin Elementary School, SAU 29
  • Olivia Tardiff, Elementary Teacher, Cutler School, SAU 93
  • Sean O’Mara, Secondary Social Studies Teacher, Keene Middle School, SAU 29
  • Ann Henry, Special Education Teacher, Fuller Elementary School, SAU 29
  • Glen D’Eon, Music Teacher, Fall Mountain School District, SAU 60

Keene State College Student Representatives

  • Sara Getchell, undergraduate student, Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi
  • Trevor Weiman, graduate student, Curriculum & Instruction (NTAL) program
  • Kim Kalis, graduate student, Special Education program
  • Charlotte Planeta, undergraduate student, President, Kappa Delta Pi
  • Katelyn LaRochelle, graduate student, Curriculum & Instruction (NTAL) program
  • Heather Dean, graduate student, Educational Leadership program

Contact Educator Preparation

To learn more about Educator Preparation Programs at Keene State College, please contact the Educator Preparation Office or the Department Chair for a particular program.

Educator Preparation Office
229 Main Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03435

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Open Monday–Friday,
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

We are in Rhodes Hall, N123 and N128.