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Intellectual Asset Management

The term “Intellectual Property” or “IP” encompasses a broad range of works created by our faculty, staff, and students during the course of their affiliations with KSC — from inventions and technical innovations to literary, musical, and artistic works. The College is also the steward of a diverse body of “resident IP” in the form of special collections and precious works. Effective management of all of these intellectual assets is important because:

  • Research & creative partnerships between KSC personnel and those outside of the College happen more seamlessly when IP concerns are addressed up front, with each partner’s rights protected;
  • The creator, the College, and society all benefit by broadening the reach of our intellectual assets—transferring new technologies to the marketplace, sharing new creations with society, and making precious works accessible to the world;
  • Sponsored research programs receiving federal funding, in whole or in part, are subject to the Bayh-Dole Act. Under this legislation, the College is obliged to (1) have written agreements with its personnel requiring disclosure of inventions and assignment of IP rights that results from federally funded research; (2) report new inventions to federal sponsoring agencies in a timely manner; and (3) manage the IP in a way that supports the transfer of new discoveries emanating from the research to the marketplace for public benefit. You may learn more about this act by accessing the Council on Government Relations publication The Bayh-Dole Act: A Guide to the Law and Implementing Regulations, October 1999 

Administration & Procedures

Keene State College personnel with questions regarding the management of intellectual assets can contact Associate Provost Glenn Geiser-Getz or USNH General Counsel Ron Rodgers. They are the liaisons between the KSC community and the intellectual asset management firm (TreMonti Consulting) serving the campuses of both Keene State College and Plymouth State University.




† Contacts for Intellectual Property questions/issues at Keene State College are Audrey Arsenault and USNH General Counsel Ron Rodgers.

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