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Tech Tip of the Week: _GAL or _Events?

From the IT Group:

When there is an exciting event happening at Keene State College, your first thought is to share it with the campus community. Your first instinct is to send an e-mail addressed to the Global Address List, also known as the GAL. However, unless your message meets very specific criteria as a “broadcast” e-mail, this vehicle is not your best choice. To share your event information, the ideal distribution list to use is the KSC “_Events” list. You can locate this list in Outlook’s Global Address List and it is identified as “_Events”.

This list is ideal because the members of this list have remained subscribed to it and welcome information regarding upcoming events on campus. It should be used in place of campus-wide mail (_GAL) when communicating upcoming events. The GAL mailings are reserved for communication that are crisis/urgent announcements, logistics announcements (construction closures, traffic routing), major news (Presidential visit), major policy and procedural changes that must be communicated quickly, financial and administrative deadlines, registration information and academic deadlines or communications from the University System of New Hampshire. This link to the “KSC Guidelines for Broadcast E-mail” will provide you with more information.

So, before you use the _GAL to share your event with campus, remember to select _Events instead.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other technology issue, please feel free to contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532, e-mail or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.

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