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IT Tech Tip of the Week: Invite a HelpDesk Technician to Staff Meeting

From the IT Group: Have you ever thought it would be nice to have an IT Technician come to a department or staff meeting to answer questions you have about KSC technology? Well, it is possible! Invite a HelpDesk Technician to come to your next staff meeting to address those pesky little questions your department or team has about Outlook, file storage, or any other technology you use on a daily basis. We can give you tips and tricks, and if we don’t know the answer off the top of our head, we will find out and get back to you.

Give us a call at 358-2532 and we’ll be happy to be a part of your next staff meeting.

October IT Security Awareness Tip: Passwords are like underwear … Change yours often. Passwords are like underwear … Don’t share them with friends. Passwords are like underwear … The longer, the better. Passwords are like underwear … Be mysterious. Passwords are like underwear … Don’t leave yours lying around.
(Brought to you by your security friends in the IT Group and with permission from our friends at the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor.)

For more information regarding this and other security tips, visit our security website or stop by the HelpDesk on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall, call 8-2532, or email

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