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New Wireless Zones on Campus

From Kim Pare, IT Group: The IT Group has been busy making changes to the wireless network – wireless networking is now available on the entire first floor of the Science Center, and you will notice new log-in options and enhanced security when you connect to the wireless network on campus.

We have divided the wireless network into three separate services to meet the needs of distinct user groups. These three new wireless network options (SSIDs) are: KSC_Secure, KSC_Student, and KSC_Guest.

Faculty and staff must use KSC_Secure to access Keene State resources from a campus or personally owned wireless device. This secured network connection will require authentication and will encrypt data between the computer and the wireless access points. Students may use this option if they want a secure encrypted wireless connection.

Guests of the College may use the wireless network by selecting the KSC_Guest option. This login will provide them with limited access to the Internet.

You will see these new log-in options throughout all of the wireless zones on campus. If you need instructions to configure your computer to access the wireless network, visit the HelpDesk, contact us at 8-2532, or stop by our office on the second floor of Elliot Center.

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