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Wireless network access at KSC has just become more secure!

What is a secure wireless network?

The goal of a secure wireless network is to protect the data being transmitted across it by encrypting the information. Unencrypted wireless networks are inherently insecure because they transmit your information into the open air where anyone can attempt to receive it. Encryption protects the information when it is crossing the wireless portion of the KSC network. As some of the information being transmitted by Faculty and Staff is confidential, encryption is necessary. It protects students, faculty and staff information from exposure. This will not protect you if you give out personal or confidential information to bad web sites or through email.

Where is wireless available at Keene State?

Wireless zones are available in various areas across campus. Visit the KSC Wireless Map for a complete listing of the wireless zones on campus.

How to connect to the wireless network:

Faculty/staff will configure their computer for the secure wireless network:

KSC_Secure Windows XP Configuration Instructions - Quick Start

KSC_Secure Windows XP Configuration Instructions - Available if "Quick Start" instructions do not meet your needs and contains more advanced configuration information.

KSC_Secure Mac Configuration Instructions

KSC_Secure Windows 7 Configuration Instructions

While three login options are available, faculty and staff should use KSC_Secure to access the wireless network.

For assistance, please contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.


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