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OneDrive Cloud Storage

OneDrive is offered with your license to Microsoft 365 and can be used as cloud storage similar to Google Docs and DropBox.

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How do I access OneDrive

OneDrive is accessible via Keene State College’s Microsoft 365 Web Portal. Once logged in, you can click on the App Launcher in the upper left and click on OneDrive.

How much space do I have in OneDrive? Are there any file size limitations?

You have 1TB of space in OneDrive! That’s a lot of space. 1TB=1,000 GB. You can upload and store files up to 15GB in size.

Can I share documents with student, staff, and faculty? How about people outside of KSC?

Yes! You can share documents and folders with specific KSC people or share your files with lots of KSC people, along with users outside of our organization.

How can I recover a file that I deleted from my OneDrive?

Files deleted from your OneDrive will remain in the OneDrive “Recycle Bin” folder for 30 days. To recover the file, log into ( and select OneDrive on the landing page. From there, selecting “Recycle Bin” on the left of the window will show you a list of deleted files. Right clicking on the desired file will give you the option to restore it to its previously saved location.

What happens to my OneDrive data after I leave KSC?

Students: If you’re leaving KSC, you will want to save your OneDrive data to another device or cloud location of your choice. Employees: Any data that needs to be retained by KSC can either be copied to the Q: drive or be shared with your supervisor via OneDrive. If you share a folder with your supervisor, they can then move that data into their own OneDrive account via the web.

I created a document online, and I don’t see a SAVE button.

Documents created in Office Online or the mobile apps are automatically saved to your OneDrive folder.

How can I sync my files to my computer?

PC: Sync files with the OneDrive sync client in Windows

Mac: Sync files with the OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X

Is there a size limit on the files that can be uploaded?

15GB per file

What file types cannot be uploaded to OneDrive for Business?

For a complete list from Microsoft, click here.

What characters cannot be used in OneDrive for Business file names?

For a complete list from Microsoft, click here.

If I’m not online, are my documents available to me?

On KSC owned computers, we utilize Files-on-Demand and StorageSense. We have configured the OneDrive sync tool to allow any document you’ve opened in the last 14 days to remain available offline. If you need to make a file or folder available offline permanently, you can right-click on the file or folder and select “Always available offline.”

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