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Transfer Guarantee Program Aims To Smooth Path From Community College To 4-Year Degree

Keene State among new participating institutions

Five colleges and universities, including Keene State College, have committed to simplifying transfer for students who earn associate degrees in the Community College System of New Hampshire and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year institution in New Hampshire.

Keene State joins Plymouth State University, Colby-Sawyer College, Franklin Pierce University, and New England College as new participants in the New England Transfer Guarantee program of the New England Board of Higher Education. Interested students can visit the student portal offered by the Community College System of New Hampshire for more information.

This is the first year of New Hampshire’s participation.

Participating institutions offer the following benefits to students:

  • Students equipped with an associate degree from a New Hampshire community college and who meet the required grade-point average are guaranteed admission at the four-year institution they choose.
  • The application fee and personal essay requirement are waived.
  • Transferring students are considered for institutional support through grants and scholarships. This aid is usually available only to first-time, first-year students.

“Keene State College is excited to participate in the Transfer Guarantee program as we continue to expand access pathways for students to achieve their education goals,” said MB Lufkin, vice president for enrollment and student engagement. “Streamlined pathways make it easier than ever for students to transfer to KSC and build on their academic pursuits.”

The first students transferring under this agreement will begin baccalaureate coursework at the above institutions in the Fall 2024 term, with a larger group anticipated in Spring 2025.

“The New Hampshire Transfer Guarantee is a big step forward in simplifying transfer with the goal of helping students stay on track to earn the bachelor’s degree they seek,” said Debby Scire, president and CEO of the New Hampshire College & University Council. “The program removes barriers that previously slowed students down, discouraged them, or involved extra expense, such as losing earned credits in the transfer process, which added cost and time to degree.”

New Hampshire Transfer Guarantee

Steering committee members, including representatives of the Community College System of New Hampshire, played a key role in establishing the New Hampshire Transfer Guarantee, with community college leadership also signing the memorandum of agreement.

“The New Hampshire Transfer Guarantee provides a clear pathway for students who have earned an associate degree and who want to build on that credential to achieve a four-year degree,” said Mark Rubinstein, chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire. “What is often a complex process for prospective transfer students can be replaced with clarity about students’ options and a streamlined admissions process.”

While numerous transfer agreements exist for New Hampshire community college students, the Transfer Guarantee outlines specific pathways with participating receiving institutions. It also adds to the information available to students pursuing transfer.

Transfer Guarantee Students Making Significant Progress

The New England Transfer Guarantee was initiated in 2021 in the southern New England states — Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island — with support from the Teagle Foundation, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and the Davis Educational Foundation. The Balfour Foundation came on board to support the efforts to scale to northern New England.

The second year of data from the Guarantee, which was recently published, shows transfer students making significant progress toward their goals. Their grade point averages are increasing post-transfer and those who have graduated are doing so in efficient timeframes — the average time to degree was four semesters.

“These transfer students also bring their diverse life experiences to their new campuses, advancing institutions’ diversity and student success goals. Nearly half of the students participating in the program identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color,” said Michael K. Thomas, President and CEO of the New England Board of Higher Education.

Visit the student portal.

About the Transfer Guarantee

The New England Transfer Guarantee began in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in 2021. The program enables eligible community college graduates to transfer into participating four-year institutions — admission guaranteed. Students in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are enrolling starting this fall.

About the New England Board of Higher Education

NEBHE advances equitable postsecondary outcomes through convening, research, and programs for students, institution leaders, and policymakers. Its vision is for everyone in New England to have lifelong access to affordable, high-value postsecondary education.

About Keene State College

Keene State College is a preeminent public liberal arts college that ensures student access to world-class academic programs. Integrating academics with real-world application and active community and civic engagement, Keene State prepares graduates to meet society’s challenges by thinking critically, acting creatively, and serving the greater good. Learn more about Keene State.

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