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Making A Production Out Of Something, It's What Emily Christian '24 Does Best

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Paul Miller | Director of Strategic Communications and Community Relations
Emily Christian
Emily Christian '24

Emily Christian ’24 is a forward thinker. That is why the Keene State film production major added a minor to her college portfolio, in entrepreneurship, so she could enhance her prospects for professional success.

“Having knowledge about business will only make me more versatile, and my long-term goal is to create my own film production company,” Emily says.

Not just any company, she adds, but one that specializes in making music videos for up-and-coming artists, one that provides safe spaces for filmmakers “to find their voices and express their creative freedom,” and one that is welcoming and inclusive.

That, she says, covers the key bases.

Since high school this has been Emily’s plan. The Abington, Massachusetts, native enrolled at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and spent a semester there before transferring to Keene State, drawn, she says, by its strong emphasis on experiential and hands-on learning.

I quickly found mentorship and guidance and it has stayed that way throughout my academic journey at Keene State … The practical experiences I’m getting are the perfect complement to my studies.”

– Emily Christian

“I quickly found mentorship and guidance and it has stayed that way throughout my academic journey at Keene State,” says Emily, a Dean’s List student each semester. “It’s a close-knit community with a supportive network of faculty and staff. The practical experiences I’m getting are the perfect complement to my studies.”

Film production students at Keene State fuse conceptual, creative, and technical elements of the department’s curriculum and bring creative investigations to life.

Recently, Emily collaborated with classmates to produce a short-format documentary on Cynthia McLaughlin, a well-known associate professor of dance at Keene State. The 11-minute video explores McLaughlin’s inspirations and ambitions for her students, including freedom to express and willingness to take risks; and the making of Evening of Dance, a live annual showcase on campus each spring featuring the work and talents of students.

Emily worked with Sydney Gemme, Sierra Maclntire, Benjamin Shapiro, and Thomas Parisi on the video.

She also helped to create a short experimental film called Solus as part of the same Collaborative Production class.

“The film plays with the concept of loneliness and the ways it can be experienced,” Emily explains. “With no dialogue and few characters, it is more of an explorative film than a narrative surrounding the feeling of being lonely. Using dynamic color and light, practically and in editing, helped to create a film that might remind one that even when someone is feeling lonely, they are not alone in the feeling.”

Jacqueline Alibrandi, Stephanie “SJ” Barney, Gemme, and Maclntire were part of that film’s production team.

Emily is especially proud of the all-female film team, calling the lack of representation and opportunities for female filmmakers “a longstanding issue.”

“We were all passionate about this project. We all realize that it is increasingly important to understand how this issue affects the quality and diversity of the filmmaking.”

A Student Ambassador and Social Media Ambassador for the College, Emily says Keene State has been welcoming, making it easy to open up and get involved.

“Here, I’m not afraid to express myself and I’ve learned that it is okay to take a different path than the people around you. … If you are very passionate about pursuing art in college — such as drawing, film, photography, music, dance — then you should go for it. Do something that makes you happy. At the end of the day that is what truly matters.”

To view more of Emily’s film work, including her recent class videos, visit her website at

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