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Film Studies

Film Studies

Love the art of film? So do we!

Keene State is the only public institution in New Hampshire where you can major in film production. We offer numerous courses in film and video to Film Studies majors and non-majors alike.

Laura Judge

Studying Film at Keene State College has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities of my young life. The Film Department is a close-knit community; the professors aim to aid you in your endeavors, and it is clear that it is their passion. My peers are equally as enthused about their own work as well as what I create, thus I always feel supported. In all of my film courses, I have been encouraged to investigate what strikes curiosity in me, even if that is not exactly what is outlined in assignments. The film department acts as a collective group; at the same time, it allows individuals to bloom and flourish.

Laura Judge 2014, Film Studies

Film Studies majors can earn a BA in one of two options (or both!): Film Production and/or Film Criticism. Whichever one you choose, the department will require you to immerse yourself in the reciprocal relationship between these complementary areas of study. Serious study of film means that you’ll have to understand the medium’s history, critical patterns, social context, technological developments, and creative methodology. As you go through our program, you should learn to understand and appreciate the aesthetic qualities intrinsic to the medium, the technical skills to express your ideas, and a solid work ethic that will let you excel in your career. More about Love the art of film? So do we!

Film Production Option

Film Production

Film production is about making movies. You’ll start with simple projects and gradually learn all the skills that are required to make professional-quality video.

Students get intensive hands-on instruction in motion-picture production, with special emphasis on technical and aesthetic aspects of narrative filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound. More about Film Production Option

Critical Studies

Caleb McCandless

As a Critical Studies major, I focus on writing critically about film and film theory. My professors have done an excellent job of teaching film theory, often a daunting topic, making it understandable and exciting. Our discussions of film have taught me how important it is to ask questions of not only films, filmmakers, and authors, but also of society, the systems that make up our daily lives, and myself.

Caleb McCandless 2013, Film Studies

Students who choose the Critical Studies option immerse themselves in film literature, screenings, conversations, and cultural events that expand their understanding of how films are created, distributed, exhibited and watched. As films can be viewed, interpreted, and appreciated in so many different ways, students learn how to weave together the strands of film history, aesthetic style, and political context as they create their own analysis of films. More about Critical Studies


Film Studies generic pic

Our faculty excel in their fields and are active as scholars, critics, curators, and professional filmmakers. They have received research support from the Japan Foundation, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and KSC Faculty Development Grants, and they have presented creative or scholarly work at numerous film festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. In addition, they regularly present at conferences including the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the Film and History Conference, the Film and Literature Conference, Visible Evidence, and the Popular Culture Association Conference. Faculty research has been published in Film Comment, FLOW, Velvet Light Trap, and various anthologies. In addition, the faculty has a continuing presence in Keene and regional community media through such organizations as Cheshire TV. More about Faculty


Our students have formed a strong community based on mutual cooperation and participation. They take advantage of the resources and creative collaboration in the department to produce amazing work—and they build important professional networks that help them throughout their careers! More about Students

Extraordinary Alumni

Jennifer Dunnington ’93

There’s a big advantage to being in small classes and collaborating on lots of projects with your professors and fellow students. You get to experience all aspects of film making, and find the niche that’s perfect for you. Many of our students have gone on pursue their interest in film through graduate study, through professional jobs within the film industry, or work as freelance film professionals and independent filmmakers.

You’ll be inspired by what our graduates are doing. More about Extraordinary Alumni

Film Culture in Keene

Filmmaker Ken Burns discusses his craft with Keene State Film students.

If you love the art of film, there’s plenty to keep you engaged at Keene State, and in the surrounding area. More about Film Culture in Keene


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