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Film Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The Film Studies program strives to instill in its students an understanding of a critical appreciation for the aesthetic qualities intrinsic to moving image media, the technical skills to express their ideas, and a solid work ethic to guide them in the workplace. Through a blending of Critical Studies and Production coursework, the Film Studies major will develop and expand upon the student’s skills and talents as a scholar and filmmaker.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

40-52 credits

The Film Studies major provides Critical Studies and Film Production students alike with a strong visual, analytical, and aesthetic background as a common basis for each specialization. The Critical Studies option offers students an extensive range of courses in film history and theory, treating film as a liberal arts discipline, a mass medium, a technique of expression, and an art form. The Film Production option provides students with intensive hands-on instruction in motion picture production. Courses emphasize technical and aesthetic aspects of narrative, documentary, and experimental filmmaking, including script-writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound.

Core Courses

24 credits

FILM 250 Video Production
FILM 270 or IHFILM 260 Introduction to Film Analysis
FILM 271 or IHFILM 261 Introduction to Film History
FILM 353 Cinema and Diversity
FILM 355 Film Theory
FILM 495 Seminar I

Critical Studies Option

16 credits

Take 8 credits from:

  • FILM 352 Topics in Film Studies
  • IHFILM 342 Topics and Genres

FILM 495 Seminar I
FILM 499 Senior Research Project

Film Production Option

28 credits

FILM 280 Topics in Production I
FILM 350 16mm Film Production
FILM 351 Sound
FILM 400 Collaborative Production
FILM 480 Topics in Production II
FILM 485 Production Capstone I
FILM 486 Production Capstone II

Admissions Criteria

Any student may declare Film Studies as their major by formalizing a Film Faculty member as their advisor and then filling out a formal Declaration of Major form with the Registrar's Office.

Progression Criteria

To progress within the Film Studies major, a student must achieve an average grade of C (or 2.0) or higher in each of the required freshmen classes - FILM 250, FILM 270, and FILM 271.

Graduation Criteria

Once declared a Film Studies major, students must maintain a GPA within the program curriculum that is a C (or 2.0) or higher, with a minimum grade of C in any required FILM course (those fulfilling either a Core or Option requirement). Please see Course Retake Policy regarding courses with FILM courses with a grade earned lower than a C.

Transfers and Lateral Option Moves

Students transferring to Keene State College and wishing to declare Film Studies as their major, and students already matriculated at Keene State College and wishing to change their major to Film Studies, must follow all previously listed criteria and guidelines. Any student wishing to change options within the program must redeclare and formally resubmit per the established application guidelines


Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Degree Requirements

120 credits
40 credits at the upper-level