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Keene State Hosts Eighth Biennial Symposium

Eighth Biennial Symposium Features Nationally Renowned Speakers; Main Events to be Held November 3 - 8

Keene State College will host its ninth biennial symposium that will focus on understanding and taking responsibility for our places in public spaces. The 2013 Keene State College Symposium, titled Finding Your Place in the Evolving Commons, includes nationally renowned speakers who will address a number of real world issues that affect our lives today as a result of being part of larger communities.

The event is free and open to the public. When and where: Sunday, November 3 through Friday, November 8, 2013. For the full event schedule and for more information, visit

The event takes place on the Keene State College Campus; locations for all sessions available online.

Highlighted Symposium Speakers:

Colm Lydon, Deputy Superintendent with the City of Boston Police Department, will provide the opening keynote. Deputy Superintendent Lydon will discuss safeguarding our public spaces in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Deputy Superintendent Lydon is a lifelong resident of the City of Boston. He has been a Boston Police Officer for over 30 years and has worked in various ranks and positions including Patrol, Drug Investigations, District Command, Homicide, Hostage Negotiations, and his Current Appointment to the Command Staff. On behalf of the Police Commissioner he has helped respond to, and manage, special events including major catastrophes and investigations, protests, championship celebrations, presidential and dignitary visits, major training operations and a variety of internal and community issues that face a major metropolitan city every day. Deputy Lydon has been recognized for his efforts earning over 50 Awards and Commendations. He has a Bachelors Degree from UMass/Boston and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

Cheryl Brown Henderson is one of the three daughters of the late Reverend Oliver L. Brown, who, along with 12 other parents led by the NAACP, filed a lawsuit against the local Board of Education on behalf of their children in the historic case Oliver L. Brown et. al. vs. the Board of Education of Topeka, et. al. Brown Henderson currently serves as president and CEO of the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence, and Research, which she founded in 1988. She is the owner of Brown & Brown Associates, an educational consulting firm, and has an extensive background in education, business, and civic leadership, having served on and chaired various local, state, and national boards. Additionally, she has nearly two decades of experience in political advocacy, public policy implementation, and federal legislative development. She is also an associate with the Westerly Group, a public advocacy firm in Washington, DC.

Brian Baird, president of Antioch University Seattle and former US representative for Washington’s third district will discuss the links between serving the global commons and tending the various forms of the local commons through partnerships. Local veteran Peace Corps and service corps volunteers will join in to share their personal journeys and experiences during a conversation about service.

Panel discussion with Mel Netzhammer, Chancellor at Washington State University at Vancouver; Stephen Reno, Director of Leadership New Hampshire; and George Epstein, Trustee for The University System of New Hampshire will explore how our public colleges and universities best equip their graduates for a world where technology is evolving rapidly. They will also discuss how higher education is adapting to a changing landscape, and ways to purse that change without sacrificing the integrity of the mission of higher education.

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