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Music Performances at Keene State: September 2019

José Manuel Lezcano
José Manuel Lezcano

Spanish Music Concert, Reception Open 2019-20 Season

Keene State’s Music Department kicks off its 2019-20 Faculty Performance Series on Sunday, September 22 with a concert followed by a reception. First, a faculty favorite, classical guitarist José Manuel Lezcano, will present From the Fandango to the Bolero: Music of Spain and Cuba through Five Centuries. He’ll be joined by faculty musicians including pianist Virginia Eskin, cellist Rebecca Hartka, flutist Robin Matathias, and tenor Daniel Carberg, along with former faculty member soprano Dorothy Yanish. Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez of the Women’ and Gender Studies and the American Studies departments will dance. The concert starts at 3 p.m. in the Alumni Recital Hall in Redfern Arts Center. Tickets are $10 general admission; $5 for seniors; free for Keene State students. Call the box office at 603-358-2168 for more information.

From the Fandango to the Bolero looks at the history and influences of music in Spain and its one-time colony Cuba. The musicians will explore the 16th-century traditions of Catholic Spain through textured vocals and music written for the vihuela, an early instrument similar to a guitar. They will continue on to perform music by the Italian composers Scarlatti and Boccherini, who absorbed some of the influences of Spanish folkloric and flamenco music. The concert will also feature music by Spanish composers Isaac Albeniz, Joaquin Rodrigo.

Along with other former Spanish colonies, Cuba was acquired by the United States at the conclusion of the Spanish-American War, and soon after was granted independence. Cuban music, thus, reflects a varied inheritance, but the influence of Spanish music, Italian opera, American jazz, and the rhythms of traditional Afro-Cuban sacred drumming and popular music are especially prevalent. Through works by Leo Brouwer, Eduardo Martin, and Prof. Lezcano, the audience will hear the variety of influences in Cuban music: avant-garde trends, Afro-Cuban folklore, and a deep lyricism.

Reception: Immediately following the performance, the audience is invited to gather in the Redfern’s second-floor lobby for cookies, coffee, and lemonade and an opportunity to meet the musicians and other Keene State College music faculty.

Coming up next month:

October 3: Music Education Guest Lecture Series, “Expressive Conducting for All Ages,” 4 p.m.

October 6: Faculty Performance Series – Voice Faculty Recital, 3 p.m.

October 9: Ensemble Recital Series – Keene State and Einbeck Choirs in Concert, 7:30 p.m.

October 18: Festival Performance, Cantate, 8 a.m.

Watch for details!

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