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I’m Coming to Keene State: Emma Mattson

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Emma Mattson
Emma Mattson

When it comes to picking a college, prospective students rely on numerous people to help them with the important decision. While Emma Mattson had several friends and family members who attended Keene State, including her uncle Kendall Matson ’79 and a cousin Eugene Tenney ’00, the Swanzey, New Hampshire, native and recent Monadnock Regional High School graduate reached out to another alumna ­– Caitlin Croteau ’09 – to provide her with additional insight.

Twelfth graders at MRHS are required to do a senior project. Knowing about Mattson’s interest in health and nutrition, Alexis D’Amboise, an English teacher at the school, decided to contact her sister Caitlin and see if she would mentor Mattson on her project, which involved the preparation and running of a half-marathon. “I love to work with someone who is young and wants to see the health and fitness world through my eyes,” said Croteau, who earned her degree in health science and nutrition from Keene State and is also a registered dietician.

In addition to talking about the project, which she completed last November by running a race in Manchester, the conversation gravitated to Mattson’s choice of prospective colleges. “Caitlin told me to keep my options open and the story of how she went to Keene State,” said Mattson. “That’s when Keene State resurfaced.”

The more Mattson learned about Keene State, the more enamored she became with the College. While Keene State made sense from a financial point of view, it also offered her intended major and a welcoming faculty. “She told me I wasn’t just going to be a number in the classroom and you’re going to have great professors and people who really care about you,” said Mattson.

Croteau, who now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, was ecstatic when she learned Mattson would be attending Keene State. “I actually didn’t know she chose Keene State until my sister told me,” said Croteau. “I was really happy to hear that. I can see her really thriving there.”

In addition to her interest in health and wellness, Matson brings a wide variety of accomplishments and experiences to Keene State. She has been the president of the Monadnock Interact Club, and participated in the National Honor Society, Destination Imagination, Monadnock Regional High School marching band and jazz band, student government, class council, React Club, and indoor and outdoor track and field. In 2015 she participated in the All State Music Festival. She also received the Rotary Scholarship, Leadership Award, West Swanzey Athletic Association Scholarship, and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. Mattson will receive the New Hampshire Scholars Diploma as well as the Diploma of Distinction.

“I like staying busy because I’m a people person,” she said. “Staying active and joining all these groups and activities has been really rewarding. I hope to do the same at Keene State.”

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