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Dr. Waller and HGS Students Making an Impact in Genocide and Atrocity Prevention

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Dr. Waller addressing special agents and analysts at FBI Headquarters
Dr. Waller addressing special agents and analysts at FBI Headquarters

If you pay attention to the news coming out of Keene State, you may already know that Dr. Jim Waller, Cohen Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and three HGS students, Kathleen Dougherty ’17, Brett Lancaster ’16, and Kathryn Gillum ’16, gave presentations recently at the Ethics Symposium at the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. There were about 1,400 military personnel from around the world in attendance, and the Keene State students were the only undergraduates to deliver papers there.

Then on April 22, Dr. Waller spoke to 1,100 special agents and analysts at the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC. The important point, as he pointed out, is that “over 2,500 people heard about the good name of KSC this past week, both through my presentations as well as the outstanding presentations by our three students at Fort Leavenworth. And the 2,500 people that heard these messages are at the front lines of genocide and mass atrocity prevention around the globe.”

Now, that’s how Keene State’s reputation—and it’s Holocaust and Genocide Studies program—grows!

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