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Jasinski Chair-Elect of NEACS

Dr. Jerry Jasinski
Dr. Jerry Jasinski

Professor Jerry P. Jasinski has been elected Chair of the prestigious Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society NESACS and will serve as chair-elect from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 followed by the office of chair for one year from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

Jasinski, Professor of Physical and Structural Chemistry at Keene State College, has just completed his 36th year at KSC. “I have been fortunate to have enjoyed many different types of experiences since joining KSC and this one is another one that is just over the top. I have been lucky enough to bring in over a million dollars in grant funds in support of undergraduate research at KSC and as an established X-ray crystallographer, am approaching 500 research papers in peer-review scientific journals which include over 150 KSC students as coauthors during my time here. In addition, I have served as department chair of two departments (Chemistry & Physics), served as assistant coach of Track & Field at KSC (18 years), served as President of the American Institute of Chemists (AIC), currently I am a coeditor of a major online peer-reviewed scientific journal (Acta Crystallographica, Section E) taught high school chemistry and physics (9 years), served as a high school and college referee in football, basketball and track & field (35 years) and last fall enjoyed a Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship to India, all experiences that have allowed me to enjoy the best that life has to offer. But mostly, my goal is to assist as many students as possible to find their niche in the world of chemistry where success and a wonderful lifestyle await them.”

The NESACS is a large section – over 6,000 members, according to National ACS. On average, about eighty members attend monthly section meetings. These meetings usually take place somewhere in the Boston area on the second Thursday of each month between September and May. In addition, the section has a vibrant Younger Chemists Committee, a very active medicinal chemistry sub-group, and a dynamic Education Committee, which oversee a wide range of additional activities. All of this happens, not through the will or efforts of the current Chair, but through the continued goodwill of active membership which includes a very talented, hardworking and vibrant group of individuals representing a wide range of interests and backgrounds in the Boston area chemical community. We are truly blessed as a section in which so many give so freely of their time, skills, and interests in service to the Section in many different capacities!

NESACS sponsors a number of awards, travel grants and scholarships to honor professional chemists: The Hill Award for Outstanding Service to the Northeastern Section of the ACS, Richards Award for Excellence in Teaching Secondary School Chemistry, the Esselen award for Chemistry in the Public Interest and the Grants-in-Aid for undergraduate students presenting papers at a National ACS Meeting and more.

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