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KSC Responds to the Attacks

From President Yarosewick

September 11, 11:30 a.m. - You have probably already heard that both towers of the World Trade Center were struck this morning by airplanes, both hijacked for this purpose. Other events are now unfolding. Airplanes nationally have been grounded.

President’s Campus News Column: Teaching and Learning in Uncertain Times

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Presidents Campus News Column: Supporting One Another

10/9/01 - Mason Library has a number of books on Islam and related topics in foreign affairs and current events on display in the lobby of the library.

From President Yarosewick

September 13, 3:45 p.m. - In recognition of Friday, Sept. 14, as a national day for remembrance of victims of terrorist attacks, the Newman Student Organization and the Campus Ministry Student Organization invite members of the campus community to join together at noon in the Mabel Brown Room of the Student Center. The campus carillon will ring at noon in observance.

September 11, 4:45 p.m. - The campus continues to take action to support members of the community in responding to todays events, and we will continue to do so as long as support is needed. I continue to encourage people to come together to discuss what is happening, both formally and informally. The College remains open and classes will continue to be held this evening and tomorrow. Campus counseling staff will be available throughout the evening in the Night Owl Café. Tomorrow at noon and 2pm and Thursday at noon and 4 pm, the Counseling Center will offer the opportunity to share reactions to the crisis. These sessions will be held in room 309 of the Student Center. I urge you to continue monitoring the Colleges web site for updated information.

We will continue to respond as we learn about the impact of todays terrorist acts. All of us will be tested by their enormity. We must uphold the values of this country and demonstrate compassion toward one another, and we will not tolerate acts of misguided anger directed at members of the campus or greater Keene community. I hope you will join me this evening at 9 pm in front of the Student Center for a candle light vigil.

September 12, noon: Last night on campus, with hundreds of others, I attended an exceptional event - a candlelight vigil that demonstrated so dramatically the importance of our coming together as a community in this time of crisis - to share our sorrow and our fears - to try to give voice to the struggle we are all enduring.

At Keene State we are not acting alone. Our news comes from many sources - the media, friends and family, the University System and state offices. We know that other colleges are responding much as we are, by insuring the safety and well-being of our students - and by encouraging students, faculty and staff to gather together in various ways to share the burden of this experience.

Some of those gatherings are occasions that arise spontaneously, but others are those already on our campus schedule - including the classes and extracurricular activities that are so much the reason for our community. To those who ask What can I do?, let me offer this response - one vital contribution you can make is to continue the process of learning, even in this terrible week, because education is the commitment we all have made.

Other vigils are now planned for tonight through at least Friday - at 9 p.m. outside the Student Center - and I urge you all to consider attending. Our Counseling staff continues to be on call, and they have invited members of the community to join campus conversations today at noon and two and Thursday at noon and 4 in room 309 of the Student Center. Students requiring other special assistance are encouraged to contact Dean Andrew Robinson in the Office of Student Development. Please continue to check the College web page for additional information.

I wish us all well as these next days unfold. Please take care.

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