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Chapter Advisors

Keene State College recognizes co-curricular activities as vital to the mission of the College and the personal development of its students. Belonging to a student organization can be a great step in student development. In order to facilitate that growth, all student organizations are required to have an advisor who is a full-time member of the College staff or faculty. Advisors assist the organizations in interpreting College requirements and regulations and help members in planning events and projects for the year.

  • All fraternities and sororities will be advised by individuals who have the skills and information necessary to advocate for fraternities and sororities and to advise them on College and chapter policies and practices.
  • Advisors to fraternities and sororities will have access to all information on chapter finances.
  • Advisors to fraternities and sororities will have access to all information on chapter new member education.
  • Advisors will be required to sign an advisor commitment form that elaborates on expectations and responsibilities throughout the year.

Specific Responsibilities of Advisors

  • Support and participate in the development of all organization activities.
  • Assist students in interpreting state, local, and College regulations and make all best efforts to see that the organization is in compliance with state, city, and College policies.
  • Meet weekly with the president and/or executive board and meet with the general membership at least three (3) times a semester.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of the chapter budget.
  • Assist the group in the development of expectations, goals, planning, and execution of activities, including recruitment and the development of a positive new member education program.
  • Assist the students in the development and details of all new member education programs prior to the start of formal recruitment.
  • Meet with the new members to discuss the new member contract and overall expectations prior to the start of any new member programs.
  • Complete the self-evaluation at the end of the semester and provide copies to the chapter president and Student Center administration.

Contact Student Involvement

Office of Student Involvement
☎ 603-358-2662