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Internships are Key!


You might find your future employer: Increasingly companies are recruiting interns as a way to increase their employment pipeline and create on-campus branding. This “try-before-you-buy” approach is a significant advantage for the employer and can easily lead to a full-time job. Successful interns are frequently offered permanent employment at their internship site after graduation. And, nowadays many internships are paid positions.

Gain Work Experience and a Competitive Edge: Classroom knowledge is important and helps make you competitive for internships, but hands-on experience is what attracts employers and separates you from the rest of the applicant pool. A guaranteed question during an interview will be about your work history and internship experience.

Networking Opportunities: One of the most popular ways of finding a job is through networking. Doing an internship significantly increases your networking opportunities by connecting you with professionals in your chosen field. Networking also allows you to develop references who can attest to your abilities.

Decide if a Field is Right for You: You can research the industry, but there is no more effective way of finding out if you like something than actually doing it. You also get all of your questions answered by industry professionals while being immersed in the field.

Apply Classroom Knowledge to the Real World: Preparing academically for your career shows your intelligence and ability to learn, but internships give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to the real world and develop your qualifications.

Develop your Resume and Build Confidence: A strong job application (resume and cover letter) and a solid interview set successful candidates apart. The experience you gain from internships helps you build a strong resume and gain the confidence to give an outstanding interview. When you talk about your knowledge, skills and abilities, you will do so from experience.

What can I do? How do I get started?

Visit Academic and Career Advising: The staff at ACA offer help researching opportunities, preparing your resume and cover letter, to work on interviewing skills and more.

Talk to faculty and to your advisor: Many faculty have relationships in the employer world. They can also advise you on where to look and how to prepare.

Visit Keene State’s Internship Coordinator Find advice and information about internships.

Attend the Keene State Career Fairs and the Career Speaker Series: At these events, you can learn more the range of companies, cultures and opportunities. You can also meet people and begin to make valuable connections.

Develop Your Networking Skills: Networking is still the best way to find opportunities. Make sure you thank those who help you and keep them informed of opportunities you get.

Contact Corporate Relations

Kristin Brooks
Internship Coordinator
Academic & Career Advising
Keene State College
(603) 358-2463

Students, click here to set up a meeting with me!