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High School Visits & College Fairs

See you at school!

High school visits and college fairs are a great way to hear first-hand from our in-the-know admissions counselors. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and learn the most important information you should know right now. Take a look at their tips for getting the most out of these experiences and register for an upcoming event below!

Before the Fair

  1. Think about what you want in a college. What is important to you? Size? Location? Clubs, sports, or arts programs?
  2. Find out which colleges & universities will be at the college fair. Pick a few that interest you most – but don’t write off the others!
  3. Bring a folder and something to take notes – after your third or fourth conversation, it’ll be hard to keep the details straight.
  4. If your school uses resources such as Naviance, use those tools to help you find schools that fit your interests.
  5. Create a list of questions you’ll ask at every table and make sure they’re questions you can’t easily find answers to yourself – really get the details!

At the Fair

  1. Step up and ask the questions that are important to you! This is your college search and no one else’s, so don’t let your parents or friends ask all the questions.
  2. Fill out the inquiry cards—colleges will use it to get ahold of you throughout the application process and many colleges keep track of how interested a student has been.
  3. Get all of your questions answered, but don’t spend all your time at one table!
  4. Visit at least a few schools you hadn’t looked at before the fair. You never know what you’ll stumble upon!
  5. If you have a unique, hard to find program in mind, ask representatives for recommendations of other schools that might have that program.
  6. Take the business card of the representative and keep in touch!

Extra Tips for Virtual Fairs and Visits

  1. Test out the link for the virtual program prior to the event start time. Make sure that it works so you aren’t scrambling the day of.
  2. Check the event’s website to make sure your phone/computer/tablet meets the technology requirements to run the virtual event.
  3. Once you are logged in, be sure to monitor when your camera and microphone are on. If the presenter asks the audience to mute, double check to make sure it isn’t you!
  4. Stay engaged and ask questions—it’s more important now than ever!
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