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Non-Aid Applicants

For students who are not completing the FAFSA, or who have completed a FAFSA, but are not completing the verification process.

Not Completing a FAFSA

Please note that a valid FAFSA is required for participation in ALL federal loan programs. This includes the Federal Parent Loan program (PLUS). If our office receives a PLUS application but has not received a FAFSA, we cannot process the loan application. In this case, we recommend that you follow up with our office directly once you have filed your FAFSA so that we may process the PLUS application at that time.

If you will not be applying for financial aid, but you receive a form of non-need-based financial aid (e.g., a merit scholarship: Presidents, Deans, Enrichment, Leadership), we recommend that you contact our office to notify us that you will not be applying for aid, so we can ensure your merit award or scholarship is still applied to your account in a timely manner.

If you will not be completing a FAFSA because you are not eligible for federal aid, but will be applying for a private educational loan, we recommend that you contact our office after applying for your private loan, so we can ensure it is processed in a timely manner.

Completed a FAFSA, but Not Completing Verification Process

If you complete and submit a FAFSA and afterward decide that you are not able or willing to provide the documentation that is required to move your application forward, please notify our office immediately. We will put PLUS and private loan processing on hold if we are waiting on aid application materials.

“Deactivated” aid applications can be reactivated and reviewed upon our office’s receipt of all missing items.

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