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Course Numbering Policy

All courses carry four credits unless otherwise indicated. Prerequisites, if there are any, are listed at the end of each course description.

For courses numbered below 100, credits do not apply toward graduation.

100/200-level courses are introductory and intermediate courses usually taken during the freshman and sophomore years.

300/400-level courses are upper division courses, usually taken by juniors and seniors.

500 and 600-level courses are graduate courses but are open to senior undergraduates with permission of the appropriate academic program chair or school dean.

Experimental courses are identified as 199 (basic), 399 (advanced), and 599 (graduate). They may be offered with permission of the discipline faculty, the appropriate divisional dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Normally these courses are not repeated.

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About this Policy

Course Numbering Policy
Ownership: Academics Standards Committee
Last Modified: Apr 10, 2015 –
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