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Commencement Policy

After the Registrar’s Office has received a student’s completed application for graduation, an administrator in that office will conduct a graduation audit of the student’s progress toward graduation and will notify the student of their anticipated time to completion. Since the college has a single Commencement ceremony each year, students may participate in Commencement ceremonies if they meet the following conditions:

  • They are in good academic standing (a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher) at the conclusion of the semester prior to Commencement.
  • They will be within 16 credits of completing the requirements for their baccalaureate degree(s) at the conclusion of Spring Semester.
  • They have graduated in the current academic year, are currently enrolled, OR for students who are transferring in final coursework, can provide evidence of enrollment in final requirements.

Appeals will be decided by the Assistant Dean(s) of the School(s) in which a student appellant has a declared major.

Students must be completing degree requirements by the conclusion of the Fall semester in the same year of the commencement ceremony in which they wish to participate. If a student is expected to meet graduation requirements in August or December of the next academic year, the Commencement program will note that.

Participation in Commencement does not constitute conferral of a degree. The requirements for a student’s degree must be completed before a degree is awarded and a diploma is issued.

Students may not participate in commencement more than once for the same degree.

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Commencement Policy
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