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Operating Staff Council Bylaws

Table of Contents

  1. Article 1: Statement of Purpose
  2. Article 2: Operating Staff Membership and Council Membership
    1. Group 1 - Even Fiscal Years
    2. Group 2 - Odd Fiscal Years
  3. Article 3: Committees
  4. Article 4: Meetings, Records, and Procedures
  5. Article 5: Bylaw Revision and Ratification

Article 1: Statement of Purpose

1.1 Purpose: The Keene State College Operating Staff Council serves the Operating Staff in an informational and advisory capacity and has the following responsibilities:

1.11 To recommend Operating Staff personnel policies and other matters affecting the welfare of the Operating Staff to the President;

1.12 To discuss issues and concerns of the Operating Staff at Keene State College;

1.13 To convey these policies and concerns directly to the Principal Administrators (PAs);

1.14 To inform the Operating Staff of issues and policies affecting them;

1.15 To serve as Operating Staff representatives on campus committees;

1.16 To support the principles outlined in the Keene State College Mission and Values statement.

1.2 Good Will Declaration:Operating Staff at Keene State College, as valued members of the campus community, are assured by this declaration that:

  1. All staff and faculty are expected to demonstrate respect for self and each other, including each person’s physical being, their abilities, their benefits, and their property. Keene State College encourages all members of the College community to be personally committed to an honorable code of conduct. Violations that impinge upon the rights of others will not be tolerated.

  2. Operating Staff members are free to express their individual opinions regarding job-related issues when offered in the spirit of collegiality.

  3. Newly hired staff members will have an orientation early in their employment coordinated through Human Resources and the employee’s supervisor. Items will include benefits orientation; introduction to community members, welcome to the College, and appropriate specialized training.

  4. Operating Staff will be provided with encouragement and opportunities for professional development. For more information please contact Human Resource.

  5. Reviews will be done annually and will allow for staff and supervisor to establish goals and objectives.

  6. In accordance with USNH policy, supervisors will provide written statements regarding change in job status, annual evaluations, disciplinary measures, or shifts in responsibilities.

  7. If an Operating Staff member is expected to take on additional responsibility due to a particular set of circumstances (illness, vacancies), the responsible administrator will meet with the employee to discuss all aspects of the additional workload and make arrangements for any appropriate compensation. This discussion and arrangements should take place before the staff member assumes the additional responsibilities. Any concerns or violations regarding the above declaration should be referred to your supervisor or Human Resource Management.

Article 2: Operating Staff Membership and Council Membership

2.1 Operating Staff Membership: All benefits-eligible Operating Staff employees of Keene State College will be considered members of this organization, effective on their date of hire.

  • Complementary employees will be invited to meetings and will receive all mailings, but will not be entitled to vote or hold office.

  • The Director of Human Resources will be an ex officio member of the organization, and may be asked to leave a meeting at any time that his or her presence is considered to inhibit free discussion.

  • All benefits-eligible Operating Staff are allowed release time to attend general meetings, Council meetings, and to vote in elections. It is understood that Operating Staff members will inform their supervisors in advance of these events.

2.2 Council Membership: The Council shall consist of eleven members. Three members will be elected from the Operating Staff At-Large, with the other eight members elected from the four constituencies: four Councilors from the General Office Staff, two Councilors from Physical Plant - Crafts, one Councilor from Physical Plant - Grounds, and one Councilor from the Library. The officers of the Council shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Recorder, and Treasurer.

2.21 Members of the Council must be status employees of Keene State College and shall be employed at the College for at least six months prior to their election. Complementary staff that has worked 12 continuous months before changing to status employees will also be eligible.

2.22 Structure of the Council - Duties and Responsibilities

2.221 Chair: Will conduct meetings of the Council and preside over general meetings of the Operating Staff. The Chair may call special Council meetings independently or upon request of two members, and will chair such meetings. The Chair will recognize members who are entitled to have the floor and will expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of the members. The Chair will also be required to sit on the Human Resources Planning Advisory Board.

2.222 Vice Chair: Will serve in the absence of the Council Chair and perform any other duties requested by the Chair. The Vice Chair will also ensure completion of work by individual committees. The Vice Chair will be required to sit as the voting representative on the SPPC (System Personnel Policies Council).

2.223 Recorder: Will record, maintain, and distribute minutes of all Council and general meetings prior to the next scheduled meeting. In addition, the Recorder will refer items to the appropriate campus publications. The Recorder will also prepare and distribute correspondence on behalf of the organization.

2.224 Treasurer: Will have bookkeeping responsibility for all Operating Staff monies. The monies shall be kept in an internal campus account. In addition, the Treasurer will assume all duties of the Chair and the Vice Chair in their absence.

2.225 System Representation: In addition to the officers listed, the Council shall elect an alternate representative who, with the Vice Chair, will represent the Keene State College Operating Staff on the University System Personnel Policies Council (SPPC). The representatives will attend all meetings of the SPPC and report back to the Operating Staff Council. In addition, the representatives will present views of the Keene State College Operating Staff to the SPPC.

2.226 College Senate: The Operating Staff will elect a representative to the Keene State College Senate. This voting representative will attend all meetings of the Senate or find a substitute to attend as an observer. This person will present the views of the Keene State College Operating Staff to the Senate and will report back to the Operating Staff Council on a regular basis.

2.23 Terms of Office

2.231 Council members will be elected for two year terms. There will be no limit to the number of terms a Council member can serve consecutively. (Amended 4/03)

2.24 Election Procedure

2.241 Council elections will be held annually in May for expiring terms, with a specific date to be set by the Council. To ensure privacy during voting, a private area will be designated and maintained.

Group 1 - Even Fiscal Years

At-Large (2)

General Office (2)

Physical Plant - Crafts (1)

Physical Plant - Grounds (1)

Group 2 - Odd Fiscal Years

At- Large (1)

General Office (2)

Library (1)

Physical Plant - Crafts (1)

College Senate (1) 2 years

2.242 Persons interested in running for a Council seat will submit their name and the position they are seeking to the Chair of the Election Committee. These submissions will be in writing and must be received at least two weeks prior to the election date in order for the person’s name to appear on the ballot

2.243 The Election Committee is responsible for organizing the election process: scheduling the location, publishing the ballots, ensuring the polls are supervised, ensuring that the checklist is maintained, the ballots are counted, and providing the Recorder with the election results. A representative from the KSC Human Resources Office will assist the committee in administering the elections.

2.244 The Election Committee will ensure that publication and distribution of the official ballot candidates are sent to Operating Staff members at least one week prior to the election. They will also ensure that the results are appropriately disseminated and submitted to Campus News in a timely fashion.

2.245 Voting by absentee ballot is permitted provided that the Operating Staff member go to Human Resource Office up to 3 business days prior to but excluding the day of the election to cast their ballot. Absentee ballots are sealed and will be opened and placed in the ballot box on election day so that they are counted with the regularly cast ballots.

2.246 In the event of a tie, the Election Committee will immediately recount the votes. If the recount still produces a tie, then the winner will be determined by a coin flip as soon as possible. The person flipping the coin will be the Director of Human Resources or designee, as long as that person is not an Operating or Complementary staff member. The two candidates and at least one member of the Election Committee must be present for the coin toss.

2.247 Any Operating Staff member who qualifies to be elected per the bylaws may be elected by “write in” ballot by the Operating Staff members. The “write in” candidate must qualify for the electoral category for which the ballots have been cast. (See Article 2.2) If after elections no name or “write in” appears on the ballot, the appropriate PA will be responsible for appointing a representative to serve on the Council.

2.248 Special elections may be held in the event of a Council vacancy and will follow the procedure consistent with this Article and Article 2.25.

2.249 Council officers will be elected annually by the entire Council at its first organizational meeting, to be held within two weeks of the annual May election.

2.25 Council Vacancies

2.251 If vacancies occur because of resignation or any other cause, they will be filled for the duration of the term by a new Councilor from the constituency affected.

2.252 If a vacancy occurs with six months or more remaining in the term, a special election will be held. The Operating Staff will be notified that the position is only for the remainder of that term. If the member chooses, they may run again when the balance of the term expires.

2.253 If the remaining term is less than six months, the new Councilor will be appointed by a vote of the remaining Councilors.

2.3 Removal of Council Members: Discussion of the removal of a Councilor will appear on the Council agenda. The Chair will notify the individual concerned that a discussion of removal from his/her position on the Council will appear on the Council agenda. When the Councilors reach that agenda item, the individual whose removal is in question will be given the opportunity to make a statement. If a special election is needed to replace a removed Council member, he/she will be ineligible to participate but will be eligible to run in the next general election.

2.31 Grounds for Removal

2.311 Poor attendance - A Council member who misses two consecutive regularly scheduled Council meetings, not excused by the Chair, will automatically forfeit their position on the Council.

2.312 Council member who misses six meetings, not excused by the Chair, within twelve consecutive months will have his/her name listed on the Council agenda for discussion of removal.

2.313 Other grounds - A Council member will be subject to removal for failing to fulfill his/her obligations to the Council as outlined in these bylaws.

2.314 A Council member may be subject to removal for any reason that is sufficiently grave, as determined by the remaining Council members, to warrant bringing up the question.

2.32 Procedure

2.321 Removal requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Council members present.

2.322 The voting shall be done by secret ballot.

2.323 The Council member in question shall not vote on his/her own removal.

2.324 Any elected or appointed member of the Operating Staff Council may be subject to removal.

Article 3: Committees

3.1 Standing Committees: The Council may establish committees as needed to carry out its functions. Such committees are directly responsible to the Council. The chair of such committees will be a member of the Operating Staff Council. The addition or deletion of a standing committee must appear on the agenda and be approved by a two-thirds vote.

3.11 Duties of Established USNH Council Member Committees System Personnel Policy and Procedure Committee (SPPC) - Consists of one representative and one alternate representative. Meetings are customarily held at a place TBA, the third Thursday of every other month. The approximate time spent outside of the office is six hours each month. Their duties are to represent KSC Operating Staff at the meetings and bring back information to the Council and General Operating Staff. The committee representative is the Vice Chair and an alternate will be elected from the remaining council members.

Health and Safety Committee - Consists of one representative and one alternate representative. This committee is an interactive committee that works with the faculty, staff, and students together for the safety and well-being of the campus by training and informing them of safety issues. The committee meets once a month for an hour-and-a-half.

The President’s Commission for the Promotion of Wellness (PCPOW) - This commission has one operating staff council representative and 2 self nominated representatives from the operating staff. This is a KSC commission advocates and promotes wellness on a holistic level. Meetings are generally bi-weekly.

Facility Planning Committee - Consists of one representative. The committee meets for two hours each month to prioritize and organize the facility maintenance of the campus.

3.12 Duties of Established Operating Staff Council Subcommittees

Bylaws Committee - Consists of a maximum of six members. The purpose of this committee is to review the Operating Staff bylaws and make recommendations to be presented to the general Operating Staff members for consideration.

Election Committee - Consists of a maximum of three members. The purpose of this committee is to organize and facilitate the Operating Staff Council elections each year on Founders Day. This committee starts meeting two to three months prior to Founders Day and continues to meet, as needed, through the tallying of the election ballots. This committee is also responsible for special elections when needed.

Founders Day Committee - Consists of a maximum of ten positions; eight operating staff and two professional, administrative and technical staff (PAT). In the event that only one PAT staff serves on the committee, the remaining position may be held by an Operating Staff member. The purpose of this committee is to brainstorm, plan, organize, and implement Keene State College’s Founders Day. The committee is to meet no later than four months prior to Founders Day, holding as many meetings as necessary for the successful coordination and completion of the Founders Day event.

Fundraising Committee - Consists of a maximum of six members. The purpose of this committee is to organize and assist in fundraising for the Operating Staff. The committee organizes fundraisers, which entails a time commitment of five to ten hours a year.

Professional Development Committee - Consists of a maximum of two members. The purpose of this committee is to work with Human Resources to enhance professional development for the Operating Staff.

Good Will Committee - Consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of four members. The purpose of this committee is to communicate with Keene State College staff experiencing a life event (e.g. illness, promotion, special events).

3.2 Special Committees: The committees listed above are not exclusive and the Principal Administrators or the President may make additions per a request. In addition, if the Council as a whole deems it necessary to form a new subcommittee, Council members may be called upon to volunteer to participate/chair the new committee. The Chair of the Council will give all special committees, when established, their purpose and time frame.

Article 4: Meetings, Records, and Procedures

4.1 Meetings: The Council shall proceed with its business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

4.11 Regular Scheduled Meetings

4.111 General Operating Staff meetings shall be held at least once a semester. The Council may call special general meetings, if it determines that such meetings are appropriate.

4.112 Regular meetings of the Council will be held on a monthly schedule. The Chair or two other Council members may call special meetings. A quorum of the Council will be the number of Council members present at the start of the meeting.

4.113 Council meetings are open to all members of the Operating Staff and all members of the Operating Staff have the right to speak with the permission of the Chair.

4.114 The Council or the Chair and Vice Chair will meet with the Principal Administrators at least once a year. Additional meetings may be requested as needed.

4.115 All Operating Staff will be allowed release time to attend general meetings, Council meetings, and to vote in elections. It is understood that Operating Staff members will inform their supervisors in advance of these events. A notice from Human Resources will go to supervisors concerning these meetings.

4.12 Special Meetings

4.121 Special meetings of the Operating Staff Council may be requested by the Chair, two other Council members, or the President.

4.2 Minutes and Records: All minutes and records shall be recorded and posted on the Operating Staff Council web page. Agendas for all Council and general meetings will be posted one week prior to the scheduled meeting and all minutes and notices will be posted no later than one week after a meeting.

Article 5: Bylaw Revision and Ratification

5.1 Procedure: Acceptance of all changes to the bylaws of the Keene State College Operating Staff Constitution and Bylaws will require a two-thirds majority vote by the current Council members and approval by a majority of the Operating Staff members present at a general meeting. The Keene State College Operating Staff Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed no less than once a year.

5.11 A notice to Operating Staff members of all proposed bylaw amendments will be sent at least one week prior to the scheduled general meeting.

5.12 Voting on proposed bylaw amendments will be held only after discussion of the proposed amendment. Changes will be voted on separately by section or subsection if applicable (i.e. A vote on all changes to Section 2.21, a vote on all changes to Subsection 2.221 etc.)

5.13 Approved changes must be submitted to the President for his/her approval.

5.2 Records: Following the acceptance of revised bylaws by the President, the Recorder shall update the bylaws document and distribute it to all Operating Staff members by e-mail and it will be posted on the Operating Staff Council web page.

Contact the Operating Staff Council

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