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Monmouth Univ

Keene State recognizes transferable credit for 28 courses at Monmouth Univ.

Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at Keene State College, or they are accepted as general equivalencies. Academic departments have the final say as to acceptance of credits you wish to apply toward major degree requirements and can help you determine the acceptability of your courses.

Don't see your courses below? Keene State may still recognize your credits – email us or call 603-358-2500 to speak with an academic advisor.

Course Credits Equivalent
AN 103
Cultural Anthro
3.00 ISANTH-110
Cultural Anthropology
AR 101
Art Appreciation
3.00 IA Art
CE 101
Issues Meth Chem
3.00 Chemistry
CJ 101
Intro Crim Justice
3.00 Elective
CO 220
Public Speaking
3.00 COMM-171
Fundamentals of Speech
CO 224
Intro to Mass Commun
3.00 JRN-200
Introduction to Mass Media
EN 101
College English 1
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
EN 102
College English 2
3.00 English
EN 201
World Masterpieces 1
3.00 English
EN 210
Creat Writ Fiction
3.00 English
EN 235
Creat Writing Drama
3.00 English
ENG 101
College English 1
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
FS 101
Elementary Spanish 1
3.00 SP-101
Elementary Spanish I
GO 101
Prin Human Geography
3.00 ISGEOG-203
Globalization Culture & Place
HS 101
West Civ Wrld Persp 1
3.00 HIST-141
Western Civilization I: Orig.- 1500
HS 102
West Civ Wrld Persp 2
3.00 HIST-142
Western Civilization II :1500-Present
HU 201
Critical Discourse
3.00 Elective
IT 100
Information Technology
3.00 Computer Science
LC 100
Freshman Seminar
1.00 Elective
MA 101
College Algebra
3.00 Mathematics
Quant Analy Bus I
3.00 Management
MU 101
Music Appreciation
3.00 Music
PE 101
Pathways to Fitness
1.00 Physical Education
PY 103
Intro to Psychology
3.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
PY 201
Educational Psych
3.00 Psychology
SC 100
Discovery in Nat Sci
3.00 Biology
SO 101
Intro to Sociology
3.00 SOC-201
Introductory Sociology
TH 101
Theatre Appreciation
3.00 Theatre and Dance

Additional Options:

Contact Academic Advising

Academic Advising Office
Elliot Center
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435

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Monday—Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Academic Advising is located in Elliot Center, on the first floor.