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Jeffrey Timmer

Associate Professor
Human Performance and Movement Sciences
Spaulding Gymnasium 134 • M-2375

Dr. Jeffrey Timmer is dedicated to teaching health and healthy habits to students of all ages. Since 2001, he has put that ethic into practice at Keene State College and out into local schools.

In the Keene State classroom, Dr. Timmer especially enjoys teaching PE 201 Physiology of Exercise. The reason, he says, is to teach students about our bodies and exercise that may be different than what the media and coaches present as the truth.

In the public classroom, he is Co-Administrator of the 5210 Club is an after school program designed to create a healthy equation between physical activity and good nutrition. And, on the field, Dr. Timmer is the co-advisor for the Keene State College Golf Club and coaches at the Keene State College Basketball Camp every summer.

Degrees and Credentials: BA, Physical Education Teacher Certification, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI; MA Exercise Science, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI; PhD Exercise Physiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Certified Exercise Specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Professional Interests: Exercise and Health, Ergogenic Aids (Sport Supplements and Performance Enhancing Drugs), Sports Nutrition, as well as Cardiac Rehabilitation. Also interested in using Technology in the Classroom.

Professional Background: Faculty member, Keene State College since 2001.

Professional Activities: Co-Administrator of the 5210 Club, since Spring 2008. A collaboration between Keene State College and Symonds Elementary ACTIVITIES?School, Keene, NH.

?Co-Facilitator of NAP-SACC Program in Cheshire County, Spring-Summer 2010. Funded by the DHHS, ?this program is designed to help childcare settings change their nutrition and physical activity policies.

Selected Professional Work: C.B. Dixon, R.J. Robertson, FACSM, F.L. Goss, FACSM, J.M. Timmer, E. Nagle, R.W. Evans. “The ?Effect of Acute Resistance Exercise on Serum Malondialdehyde in Resistance-Trained and Untrained Collegiate Men,” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 20, 3, pgs. 693-698, August 2006. ? "Expanding the Boundaries: Writing Beyond the Research Paper. Part I: Calderwood Institute Participants Share Their Work. Writing Task Force Newsletter, pg. 7, February 2006.

Goss, F, Robertson, R, Williams, A, Sward, K, Abt, K, Ladewig, M, Timmer, J, and Dixon, C. “A comparison of skinfolds and leg-to-leg bioelectrical impedance for the assessment of body composition in children,” Dynamic Medicine, 2, 5, pgs 1-17. August 2003.