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Beverly Ferrucci

Photo of  Beverly  Ferrucci
Mathematics Building 106 • M/S 2010

Degrees and Credentials:

PhD Psychometrics, Boston College with honors
EdD Mathematics, Boston University with honors
MEd Mathematics, Rhode Island College with honors
BS Mathematics, Boston University with honors

Professional Interests/Areas of Specialization:

Mathematics Teacher Education
Cross-Cultural Mathematics
International Comparative Mathematics Education
Technology in Mathematics Education

Professional Background:

Professor of Mathematics
K-12 Districtwide Mathematics & Computer Coordinator
Secondary Mathematics Department Chair and Teacher
Middle School Team Leader and Mathematics Teacher

Awards and Accolades:

  • Excellence in Education Award, State of New Hampshire Faculty Member of the Year, New Hampshire College and University Council, 2011.
  • Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award, New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics, 2011
  • Faculty Award for Distinguished Teaching, Keene State College, 2010
  • Faculty Award for Distinction in Research and Scholarship, Keene State College, 2004
  • President, Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE), 2004
  • Outstanding Woman of New Hampshire Award, Keene State College Commission on the Status of Women, 2003
  • Balomenos Award for Service and Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education, New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics
  • Chair, Educational Materials Committee, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • President, New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics (NHTM)
  • President, New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO)

Key Professional Work:

Books, Monographs, and Chapters

Ferrucci, B. & Lee, N. H. (2013). Enhancing the Learning of Fractions Through the Use of Virtual Manipulatives. The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology.

Ferrucci, B., McDougall, J., & Carter, J. (2010). Using Bead Patterns to Illustrate Linear Functions. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 15(5), 268-273.

Ferrucci, B.J., Kaur, B., Carter, J. & Yeap, B. (2008). Using a Modeling Approach to Enhance Algebraic Thinking in the Elementary School Mathematics Classroom. In R. Rubenstein and C. Greenes, (Eds), 2008 NCTM Yearbook Algebra and Algebraic Thinking, Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Ferrucci, B. & Carter, J. (2008). Compositions of Dilations and Isometries in Calculator-based Dynamic Geometry. Teaching Mathematics and Science. University of Debrecen, Hungary, VI (II), 257-266.

Invited Presentations

Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA), “Enriching Investigations To Develop Critical Thinking Skills In The Primary Mathematics Classroom,” Annual Conference, Singapore, 2012.

Sixteenth Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, "Learning Experiences from the Web for the Mathematics Classroom,” International Conference, Abant Izzet Batsal University, Bolu, Turkey, 2011.

Fifteenth Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, “Prospective Mathematics Teachers' Technology-Based Presentations on Proportional Reasoning,” International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010.

European Conference on Mathematical and Scientific e-Contents, “Prospective Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions of Mathematics Activities on the GeoGebra Wiki,” International Conference, Salamanca, Spain, 2010.

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