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Vincent Ferlini

Mathematics Building 208 • M-2010

Degrees and Credentials:

BS Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
PhD Mathematics, University of Michigan

Professional Interests/Areas of Specialization:

Geometric Group Theory
Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry

Key Professional Work:

Ferlini, V., Fibonacci Relationships Geometrically, Math Gazette, Vol. 93, Number 528, Nov. 2009.

Ferlini, V., Solutions to Zero-sum Exponent Equations over Finite Cyclic Groups of Exponent Greater Than Two, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, Volume 18, #3 (2008), p 423-441.

Ferlini, V., Goldstein, R., Salpukas, M. On the solution of certain equations with exponent sum 0 over Z2, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, 10 (2000), no. 6, p. 709 – 723 .

Alonso, J. M. , Brady, T. , Cooper, D. , Ferlini, V. , Lustig, M. , Mihalik, M. , Shapiro, M. , Short, H. , Notes on Word Hyperbolic Groups, Group Theory From a Geometrical Point of View, (Editors: E. Ghys, A. Haefliger, A. Verjovsky); World Scientific, 1991; p. 3 – 63.

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