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Charles Kerwin

Putnam Science Center • M-2001

Dr. Charles M. Kerwin earned his Ph.D., in Earth Sciences: Geology at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH in 2007. He received his M.S., in Earth Sciences and Geology, also from UNH in 2000. He earned his B.S., in Geology from Keene State College in 1996 and an A.A.S., in Horticulture Technology from the Thompson School of Applied Science in Durham in 1986.

Dr. Kerwin came to Keene State in 2002 as an Adjunct Professor and taught INGEOL 110 geology for non-science majors, INGEOL 151 Physical geology, Geol 490 Field mapping, INGEOL 300 Geoscience issues and society, Geol 403 Structure, Lab methods.

From 2009 to 2010, he was part of the U.S.G.S. STATEMAP Program, which conducted bedrock mapping of the Stoddard and Greenville, 7.5-minute quadrangles. In 2002, he participated in the U.S.G.S. EDMAP Program, which conducted bedrock mapping of the Northwood, Barrington, and Pawtuckaway 7.5-minute quadrangles. Before that, he also participated in bedrock mapping for the Candia 7.5-minute quadrangle and portions of the Milford, Pinardsville, New Boston and South Merrimack 7.5-minute quadrangles.

During his time at UNH, he was a Teaching Assistant for Field Methods (Esci 550) and optical Mineralogy (Esci 614), Mineralogy (Esci 512), laboratory classes for Principles of Geology (Esci 401), Lab instructor for Elements of Weather (Geog 473)

Dr. Kerwin's publications and unpublished work include:

Kerwin, C. M., 2007, Mapping, petrological and geochemical explorations of the Massabesic Gneiss Complex in New Hampshire: unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of New Hampshire, 151 p.

Kerwin, C.M., Allard, S. T., Laird, J. and Bothner, W. A., 2004, The rocks speak and the Proterozoic shrinks, results from mapping and REE chemistry of the Massabesic Gneiss Complex, N.E.I.G.C. field guide.

Kerwin, C. M., 2001 Geology of the Candia 7.5-minute quadrangle: New Findings: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 33 p.30

Kerwin, C. M., 2000, Structure and bedrock geology of the Massabesic Gneiss Complex in Southern New Hampshire: unpublished M.S. thesis, University of New Hampshire, 70 p.

Kerwin, C. M., 1999, Regional structure of the Massabesic Gneiss Complex and quantification of the degree of migmatization in the Milford quadrangle, southwestern New Hampshire: Geological Society of America Abstract with Programs, v. 31, P-A-27

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