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Dr. Christopher Brehme

Associate Professor
Putnam Science Center • M-2001

Christopher Brehme, PhD (Buffalo, 2009) teaches courses in GIS, satellite remote sensing, cartography and physical geography. In class, his students analyze and map real-world environmental and social science data. In independent studies, his students have examined the spatial patterns of coral reefs, fishing data, urban crime and glacial retreat. Dr. Brehme’s research interests center on the application of geospatial technologies to a variety of natural resource and community-based contexts. His PhD research examined how lobster fishers in Western Australia and Maine conceptualize and use the ocean environment. This led to a collaborative project with scientists at the New England Aquarium and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to model the interaction between endangered whales and lobster gear in the Gulf of Maine region.

Dr. Brehme is currently collaborating with Dr. Nora Traviss in the Environmental Studies Department to model the spatial patterns of wintertime air pollution and the associated health effects in Cheshire County, NH. His research and training in Geography have taken Dr. Brehme to the Pacific Northwest, Great Britain, Western Australia, coastal New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

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