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Jason Pellettieri Ph.D.

Photo of  Jason  Pellettieri Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Putnam Science Center 335 • M/S 2001

I teach three courses in the Biology Department, our sophomore-level Cell Biology class, an upper-level elective in Developmental Biology, and a non-majors class in Keene State’s Integrative Studies Program called Stem Cells and Regeneration. These courses involve an integrated lecture/lab approach that engages students in original research projects on planarians, aquatic flatworms with the remarkable ability to regenerate lost body parts.

I also mentor students throughout the academic year and summer pursuing independent research projects in the lab. We are investigating the molecular mechanisms of regeneration and using planarians to study the biology of rare human disorders called porphyrias. Our work is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation, and has been featured in Science and newspapers from Keene to Barcelona. For further information, see our lab website at the link provided above.

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