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Biology Student: Katie Kiley

Where Life Science Comes Alive!

The Biology Department at Keene State offers students a comprehensive and practical understanding of life and living organisms, and the vital roles those organisms play in our world.

Our faculty is constantly developing creative ways to present meaningful scientific concepts through experiment, research, and hands-on experience.

Today’s biologists must have a thorough understanding of the forces affecting the natural world, and of the science and approaches they can apply to develop effective solutions to current challenges. Our biology students learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and assess and solve problems effectively.

Dr. Jason Pellettieri

"At larger universities, biology students are often taught by graduate assistants, and their lab experience may consist of menial tasks while they work their way up the ladder. But at a small school like Keene State, our biology students work directly with their professors and take on their own research projects, which gives them a sense of ownership and the motivation to work hard.

Our students not only learn good organizational and technical skills, but they also develop the ability to think for themselves and work independently. That’s why I get calls from labs at places like Harvard, Yale, and MIT when they’re looking for technicians. They know we have a reputation for turning out skilled, creative lab techs who can work with minimal supervision."

—Dr. Jason Pellettieri, associate professor of biology

Explore Life with Us

Dr Loren Launen Dr. Loren Launen on Genomics Research & Student Opportunities

Our department offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a Biology minor. We’re here to help you take your interest in biology as far as you want to go. More about Explore Life with Us

Program Highlights

Keene State is large enough to offer a wide range of faculty expertise and experience, yet small enough to offer intimate class sizes. Your teachers, and your fellow students, will know you, and you’ll form important relationships that will be invaluable as you pursue your career. You’ll also get plenty of individual attention that will help you develop your special interests and abilities. More about Program Highlights

What Our Students Are Saying

Brad Stubenhaus

Brad Stubenhaus

The most interesting part of my education at Keene State has been conducting research on the pigment cells of freshwater planarians. Together with my mentor, Dr. Jason Pellettieri, I investigated how light exposure impacts pigment cell survival. Dr. Pellettieri has pursued this research with contagious intellectual energy, and has inspired my interest in the field.

He received an NH-INBRE grant through the National Institutes of Health to fund our work, which we presented at several conferences, including the North American Planarian Meeting at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City.

My research training and all of the outstanding courses I’ve taken here have provided me with a strong foundation for success in my plans to study medicine and/or neuroscience in graduate school.

Alumni Achievers

Armed with a solid education and practical experience, our biology alums are involved in rewarding and exciting careers and study!

Anna McLean ’11

Research Technician II at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard

Anna McLean portrait

The opportunity to work in multiple research labs, explore different fields in biology, and attend a summer internship at Johns Hopkins Medical School prepared and motivated me for a career in biomedical research.

Stuart Nelson ’12

Research Technician at MassBiologics

Stuart Nelson ’12

With my Keene State biology education, I was able to get a job in research immediately following graduation. I am currently working as a research associate at MassBiologics, a Boston-based pharmaceutical company; part of the UMass Medical School network.

Department Faculty


February 12, 2018 –

Tom Cole had a couple of criteria in mind when he started looking for his first post-college job last fall: he wanted to put his Keene State biology degree to use, and he wanted to experience life outside of New Hampshire – preferably near a beach.

Cole graduated in December...

February 9, 2018 –

Students studying with Dr. Jason Pellettieri, associate professor of Biology, are researching critical building blocks of biology. Working with planarian flatworms, which quickly regenerate lost body parts after amputation, eight students in Dr. Pellettieri’s lab are searching for clues into how stem cells drive formation of new tissue. Their work...

With small class sizes, access to state-of-the-art testing and measurement equipment, and an excellent faculty with expertise in a wealth of specializations, your biology education is in good hands at Keene State! More about Department Faculty

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