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Program Costs

2019-20 ChargesResident of NHOut-of-State
Program Fees*$2,100*$2,100

* After acceptance into the program, a non-refundable $500 program deposit is due by June 15th.

Total credits per internship year: 18

After acceptance into the program, a non-refundable $500 program deposit is due by June 15th. This program deposit goes towards the $2,100 program fee. The remaining program fee and the first semester’s tuition are due the first Friday in August. Tuition for the spring semester will be due in December.

Tuition and fee rates are approved by the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time.

Fall Graduate Credits

Monday Class Days
EDUC 690
Advanced Special Topics in Education - Educating through the Lifecycle
3 credits

EDUC 690
Advanced Special Topics in Education - Clinical Nutrition Applications
3 credits

Supervised Practice
Internship 1 (400 hours)
3 credits

Spring Graduate Credits

Monday Class Days
EDUC 690
Advanced Special Topics in Education - Food, Wellness and Social Environment
3 credits

Research and Public Policy 3 credits

Supervised Practice
Internship 2 (400 hours)
3 credits

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available, which can cover the cost of the program fee, tuition, and living expenses. Contact the internship director for more information.


You are responsible for the means and cost of all transportation. You will need to have a reliable, cost effective car. Clinical practice sites may be located up to 70 miles from Keene. Foodservice and community rotation drives vary. Most facilities provide free parking, but students may have to pay for parking at some rotation sites. You will need to provide proof of auto insurance prior to beginning the program. Out of state applicants, please take note of the winter weather driving conditions. Snow tires are encouraged for safe winter driving and may cost a couple hundred dollars.

Parking at Keene State

There is a $30 parking fee for parking at KSC. More information on parking is available here


You are responsible for providing your own housing. For those coming from outside the area, please note that matched interns will receive information regarding local housing opportunities the spring before they arrive. Internship staff will also connect you with others matched to the program and former interns who as well. This information is generally distributed after the second round match process has wrapped up. The average cost for a room in the Keene area is $400 per month and an average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the Keene area is $800 per month. Apartments outside of Keene may be less.


You are responsible for supplying your own meals.


Interns are required to adhere to the practice facilities’ dress codes, which usually includes professional dress. Some clinical sites require a lab coat to be worn. You are responsible for supplying your own lab coat at an approximate cost of $30.


You will be required to buy some reference books at a combined cost of approximately $300 to support your clinical rotations. A list will be provided after being accepted into the program.

Professional Memberships

Interns are required to be members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and must provide documentation of membership prior to the beginning of the program. An Academy student membership costs $50.


Interns are required to provide their own health and auto insurance, and must submit documentation of each prior to the beginning of the program. Professional liability insurance is provided by the college.

Pre-program Physical

Documentation of a current physical examination is required prior to entering the program. Proof of OSHA-required immunizations and tests including proof of current TB (PPD) test, MMR vaccine or proof of immunity, chicken pox immunity, pertussis immunity, and the Hepatitis B series or signed declination of the Hepatitis B series. A urine analysis drug test may be administered at internship sites at no cost to the intern.

Criminal Background Check

Each student is required to present a clean criminal background report at the start of the program. This is obtained through Certified Background at the intern’s expense. Many of our agencies require this documentation. We do our background checks through a specific agency. More information will be provided after acceptance into the program.

E-mail Access

You are responsible for independent daily e-mail access. Internship communication relies on e-mail. It is required that the interns have their own computer or e-mail server at home.

Students must provide proof of health and auto insurances, the preprogram physical including OSHA required immunizations and tests, clean criminal background check and their Academy student membership by the first day of orientation.

Contact Dietetic Internship

Stephanie Chmielecki, MS, RD, LD
Dietetic Internship Interim Director
Phone: 603-358-2914
Fax: 603-358-2393

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