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The Winners of the Study Away 2015 Photo Contest


First Place General Category, photo by Kelly Decerbo ‘15, Lorenzo de’ Medici, Italy Fall 2014 (photo taken in Cinque Terre, Italy)

“I’ve seen flawless images of these famous coastal villages from a young age; in books, travel magazines and of course Pinterest. On our first weekend abroad my roommates and I were able to explore this gem on the edge of the Ligurian Sea both on foot and by boat. Recently a friend of mine and fellow KSC student posted almost this exact photo on Instagram with the hashtag #EpicBucketList and caption "Before I die, I want to go to Italy and paint the cities of art". I feel blessed to have experienced something others dream of, and plan to help others’ dreams like this become reality when I return to Italy in May to work as a student travel guide.”


Runner-Up General Category, photo by John Badstubner ‘15, University of Wollongong, Australia Fall 2014 (photo taken at Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

“Finding Nemo” a.k.a. a clown fish while scuba diving in the great barrier reef. This picture was captured at just the perfect time as the fish like to hide inside these parts of the coral when someone comes close. I was very blessed to have had this experience.


First Place Global Engagement Category, “Super Kids,” photo by Arian Deihim-Panah ‘16, Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica Summer 2014 (photo taken in Panama)

“On the last day of our excursion to Panama, we learned that there was not enough room on the bus for everyone. A friend and I volunteered to ride back with a tour guide in his beat up old Toyota truck; he took all the back roads, stopping periodically to let us enjoy the view of the plantains plantations. This millisecond glimpse into the life of two young Panamanian locals was captured at a brief pause at a stop sign somewhere in Panama. Between the boy on the right’s waistband and the obvious love he shows his compadre, no caption is necessary.”


Runner-Up Global Engagement Category, “Mona,” photo by Kelly MacDonald ‘16, Bond University, Australia Fall 2014 (photo taken in Bali, Indonesia)

“This is Mona. She is a beautiful elephant that I had the pleasure to ride for an afternoon. Elephants are one of Bali’s most common and friendly animals and are in most people’s everyday lives.”