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Recent Professional Development Offerings


  1. Assessment Design and Rubric Development
  2. Performance Assessment
  3. PerformancePLUS

Curriculum and Instructional Practices

  1. Competency-based Instructional Programs
  2. Competency-based Grading
  3. Effective Utilization of Instructional Assistants
  4. Essentials for Achieving Rigor (Marzano)
  5. Gateway to Technology and Engineering STEM Initiative
  6. Interdisciplinary Teaching
  7. Addressing the Instructional Shifts in the Common Core

Paraprofessional Training

  1. Math Standards and Competencies
  2. Special Education and Section 504
  3. Positive Behavioral Supports and Strategies

Special Education

  1. Differentiated Instruction
  2. Supporting the Complex Learner


  1. iPad Training Series
  2. Google Training Series
  3. Apps for Teachers
  4. Flipped Classroom

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