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CALL Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve gotten my confirmation. What’s NCLL-200-N1C and NCLL-300-N1C, and why don’t they have any rooms associated with them?

All students are registered in NCLL-200-N1C (CALL Semester registration) and NCLL-300-N1C (CALL Membership, usually fall only) to code them as CALL students and prompt the charges for the registration and membership. The specific courses you have registered for all start with NCLL-100.

I don’t see one of my first choices on my confirmation. Was that an oversight?

Probably not. In most cases, we were able to get students into their first choice classes. Unfortunately, classes do still fill. Putting a second and third choice in each time block increases the chance that you will get a full schedule of courses you’ll enjoy. Please note: we will only register you for a second choice class if the first is unavailable and we only move to a third choice if both the first and second choices are unavailable.

I took the first half of a class last session, should I get into the second half?

Rarely, we will restrict a class to those who either did or did not take it last semester on the instructor’s recommendation. Administratively, it is somewhat complicated with so many members. Restricting people who unfortunately couldn’t take a class last semester from being able to take it again this semester is usually not very fair to them. Therefore, it is only done when the instructor feels very strongly that the first class is a critical prerequisite to understanding the second class.

I sent my form in early, but I still didn’t get all my first choice classes. What’s happened?

We process registration forms randomly from those received by the priority deadline. Usually, we have over 300 registrations at that point. While we can usually process hundreds of registrations before our classes start to fill, it does mean that some semesters you may not get your first choices. Unfortunately, this is the most equitable way to register students based on our numbers and the limitations of our technology. Most other learning in retirement programs of our size use a similar random registration process.

A class I selected wasn’t listed as a limited capacity class, but I was closed out. Why?

Some classes are kept especially small for safety and/or pedagogical reasons. Usually, these are hands-on classes like Tai Chi, Watercolors, Cooking, or Writing. In the rest of the cases, class capacity is set to the number of seats in the assigned classroom. The average classroom on campus seats about 40 students. We have a very small number of larger classrooms which we use whenever they aren’t in use by the College’s undergraduate classes.

Why can’t you just move my class to a larger space?

In some cases, we have been able to move classes into a larger space. The handful of lecture halls on campus seat between 75 – 100 students. Unfortunately, some of our classes are so popular that we have filled even those larger spaces. While we would like to move to still larger spaces, like a theatre or the Mabel Brown Room, those are in use by our performing arts programs or other special events, so they aren’t available to the campus on a semester-long basis.

I heard that I’ve been waitlisted. How will I know if I get in?

When you are closed out of a class, we automatically waitlist the first 15 – 20 people in case someone needs to drop out or we are able to find a larger room. If a seat becomes available, we will call you and let you know that you’re able to take the seat if you would still like.

I didn’t get into a class. Should I just go anyway?

We would really prefer that you do not. Since class capacities are set to the number of seats in the room, taking an empty seat may mean that a registered student coming late has to stand, or is turned away. Most of our closed classes have a lengthy waiting list, and students are called if we learn that someone won’t be able to attend. All instructors have been asked to let us know if they consistently see empty seats so that we can contact people on the waitlist.

Campus is much bigger than I’d realized. How can I find my way around?

Campus does seem large at first. Most of our classes meet in Morrison Hall, which is the two story brick building to your right as you go through the Appian Way Gateway off of Main Street. You may want to refer to a campus map: There are also a few maps posted around campus, and there’s always a friendly student or staff member around to answer your questions.

There are only 15 minutes between classes. What if I’m late getting to my next class?

Often, you won’t be the only person in this situation. Many times, you’ll find that your next class takes a few minutes to get settled anyway. If you’re late, it isn’t a big deal, our teachers and our class population are very understanding.

Are there any tests? What about homework?

CALL has no tests and no grades! While homework isn’t required, your teacher will often suggest readings or practice activities that will enhance your understanding of the course.

What should I bring to class?

For most classes, you’ll want to bring a notebook and writing utensil. Since temperatures fluctuate in the different buildings, it is always a good idea to dress in layers or bring a sweater. A snack and coffee or water are usually a good idea as well. If a class has a special requirement (such as art materials), you’ll receive an email with a list.

I’m in classes all day. Where should I eat lunch?

Many of our members take advantage of the Dining Commons or Lloyd’s Food Court in the Student Center. Read more about those options, as well as some payment choices that will speed up your dining experience: If you’d like to bring a bagged lunch, the College offers many places to relax. The Student Center offers comfortable seating as well as a microwave to warm up your meals (on the first floor near the coffee shop). The soft seating on the first floor of Morrison and in the Rhodes Atrium are also popular places.

I’m going to be away and will miss a class. How do I let my instructor know?

Most of our instructors use email, so we encourage that whenever possible. If your instructor has emailed you already, please reply to that email. If not, email Heather Jasmin at with your information and the course. She will forward your message along to the instructor.

I heard I can get a KSC ID card. Where/how do I do that?

Once you’ve received your registration confirmation, you can take it with you to the Dining Commons between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The ID office is immediately to your right as you walk in the main entrance. They will take your picture and make up your ID while you wait.

I already have a KSC ID card. Do I need a new one every semester?

No, it will just be reactivated once you register for classes, so you’re all set.

Where should I park?

Most CALL members should be parking in the Commuter student lot on Winchester Street, across from the Pub Restaurant and next to our Student Center. Those of you that have more limited mobility, but not necessarily a handicapped placard can park in the lot behind the Alumni Center on Main Street or in the Arts Center off Wyman Way. When parked behind the Alumni Center, please be aware that the first two rows behind the Historical Society are reserved for Historical Society staff and guests. You can also park in any lot marked for faculty/staff. There is overflow parking in our Winchester Street lot across from McDonalds. From the back of that parking lot there is a shortcut to campus.

There are many beautiful service dogs on campus. I’d love to pet them all, but I know they are working. Could you please review the etiquette for that?

Good question! A number of our students rely on service dogs for their health and safety. This requires that the dog remain completely focused on their task. Please do not attempt to pet, talk to, or otherwise acknowledge the dog unless invited to do so. On the other hand, the student usually loves to be talked to directly. If you think that the person and guide dog might be struggling, by all means offer assistance, but please don’t touch the dog or student without getting permission. Whenever possible, avoid walking beside the dog because that can be distracting. Instead, walk beside the handler or a little bit behind the dog. Thanks for your understanding and support for our diverse student body.

I have a handicapped placard. Do I need a different permit? And where can I park?

If you have a handicapped placard, you will want to display both the placard and your Keene State CALL permit when parked on campus. There are handicapped parking spaces in every parking lot. Several close to Morrison Hall are behind the Alumni Center and in our Fiske Lot and Science lots off of Winchester Street.

Is it just me, or do college students look younger every year?

It’s not just you. We’ve noticed it too.

I’d love to have a speaker come to my club or organization to present about CALL. Is that a possibility?

Absolutely! We love to talk about CALL! Just contact Heather Jasmin at 603-358-2942 or

What happens if the weather is bad?

We encourage you to read the CALL Inclement Weather Policy


I’ve lost my glasses/keys/purse/umbrella! Where can I look?

We would recommend you start by checking the places you last were, such as the classroom. Sometimes, people turn in things at our office in Elliot Hall (603-358-2290), or to Campus Safety (603-358-2228).

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